♪ Chapter 7

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C H A P T E R 7

Dance battles are probably the most dramatic events at camp. And Keara didn't seem to realize that no matter what, she can't cheat at this camp. Everyone must play fair. And Jessica is the one who makes sure of it.

"May! You will not believe what Keara is doing." Shannon yelled, as approached me with a furious expression.

"There's three things wrong with that sentence." I replied simply, "Firstly; God woman smile! Secondly; Nothing can surprise me about that crazy ass bitch, so I'd believe anything and thirdly? You come with the impression that I give a shit. That was so three days ago."

Shannon's lip twitched into a smile, "Three days ago?"

"Hell yeah, I'm not in the mood to fantasize over ways to kill her anymore. It's gotten boring. Let's just drive on with our lives and hope she won't cross onto our lane. And if she does, I'll hit her with my car."

"In other words, Chase and your fight scared the shit out of you and you aren't going to let Keara get in between you again?" Shannon mistakenly corrected.

"Oh you and your obsession with Chase."

"I'm a fan girl of Mase. Sue me."

I rolled my eyes and gestured for her to continue her story about Keara. "Well, Keara is literally paying people off. With clothes and shit!"

I snorted with laughter, and shook my head in amusement. "I actually do believe that."

"May this is crazy! She can't get away with this!"

"She wont Shannon." I sighed, "No one's going to fall for that. The people in this camp aren't like that."

"The people you know aren't like that." Shannon argued, "But the people I know would."

"Then I don't care about those kinds of people."

Shannon pouted, causing me to frown. "What's wrong with you now?"

"Well I was hoping for a May-Keara showdown. You know, so I can get my popcorn and watch?" She shrugged nonchalantly.

I grimaced for a moment before nodding, "Yeah that does sound fun."

"Hey Riley!" I glanced behind me to see Shane jogging over to me. "Is it totally okay if I kill your enemy?"

"Well not really. You'd make my life quite boring." I responded, wrapping my arm around his shoulder.

"Yeah, but it would make life a whole lot better. She called me fluffy head!"

I struggled to hide my laugh, "Fluffy head?"

"Yes! I just washed my hair this morning, so yes it is a little wavier than usual but that was so unnecessary you know-"

"Shane sweetheart. You're hair's beautiful as usual." I scuffled his hair causing him to scowl. 

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