Chapter 2

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Arthur sends Mathew on his way to start making the cappuccino while Francis heats up a piece of mud cake. Francis decorates it very nicely making it look perfect, he was serving his own brother-in-law. Mathew politely asks Arthur to serve his brother.

"Why me?" Arthur asks slightly annoyed yet slightly excited.

"I don't think I could handle serving him..." Mathew trails off quietly which makes Arthur laugh. He takes the drink quickly walking out and over to Alfred who was flipping through the newspaper.

"The newspaper huh?" Arthur says and Alfred looks up nodding. Arthur places the coffee down before collecting some empty plates and cups on his way back. He puts the dishes on the counter and Francis moves quickly to rinse them and place them in the dishwasher. Arthur picks up the cake heading back out to Alfred, this time Alfred puts down the newspaper looking at Arthur.

"Man you smell nice." Alfred mumbles quietly making Arthur blush. He finds himself focusing on the alphas scent. He smelt like summer and freshly cut wheat, it was odd since the alpha was in a business suit.

"What do I smell like?" Arthur questions by accident making both men blush.

"Well you smell like roses and fresh rain." Alfred says before taking a sip from his coffee saying a quick thank you as Arthur hurries off nearly dropping a few dirty plates in his rush back. He quickly drops the plates into the sink and rinses them putting them into the dishwasher. Arthur turns back around heading to the front counter and looking around to see if any customers needed anything. Spotting an empty dirty table his omega instincts kick in and he hurries to the table. Balancing cups, bowls and plates he makes his way back to clean them up before grabbing a fresh cloth to wipe the table down. After wiping down the table he risks a glance at the American alpha from before. He makes eye contact with Alfred noticing his staring at him intently.

"Is something wrong?" Arthur asks moving elegantly over to Alfred.

"Dude what's up with the caterpillars?" Alfred asks pointing at Arthur's eyebrows. Arthur quickly puts his hands up to feel his eyebrows.

"They're natural thank you very much!" The omega snaps in an embarrassed way. He cowers back when the alpha lets out a growl at the omegas behaviour. Fortunately for Arthur a louder more aggressive growl comes from behind him making Alfred go quiet.

"You may be my brother-in-law but I will not stand by and let you harass my staff." Francis says crossing his arms glaring at the younger blonde.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to react that way. I'll make sure to not do it again dudes." Alfred says putting his hands up in defeat. Arthur could easily see how tense Alfred was, he knew the alpha didn't want to be submissive but new better then to try and fight the older alpha. He would also be arrested for harassing an omega and picking a fight in a public place.

"Arthur I think the couple over there would like some more water." Francis says and Arthur nods hurrying over to the beta pair. Francis gives Alfred one more look before going back into the kitchen. Arthur on the other hand was not calmly walking around, he was hurrying. With a huff he quickly bought an impatient alpha her Rose Tea before offering water to another table. Quickly walking – he would never be caught running – back to grab a new jug of ice cold water for the group of five. 'Could everyone just slow down for a second!' He groaned rubbing his forehead before attending to an group of omegas who had bought their children along.

"Excuse me ma'am could you please restrain your children." Arthur repeated for the third time that day to a raven haired omega. The woman huffs calling to her children in a foreign language before returning her attention back to her friends. The two children ran off again harassing other customers.

"I'm going to tell you one more time ma'am to restrain your children or you will be asked to leave." Arthur repeats. One of his big, bushy eyebrows twitches in annoyance as she just turns to him laughing.

"I'm sorry but I will have to ask you to leave." He says and all five omegas turn on him. He sighs trying to see what they got out of this before turning around to go get Francis.

"Excuse me but you have to leave." Alfred stood behind him obviously also annoyed with the two children running amuck. The other omegas seemed to be in perfect control of the kids but not this one. The woman quickly thinks about it before saying goodbye and leaving.

"Sorry I just was getting irritated by the kids." Alfred says quickly and Arthur nods.

"Thank you, omegas like that shouldn't be given the responsibility of kids." Arthur grumbles making Alfred laugh loudly.

"Anyway! I gotta go back to work."

"What?" Arthur questions confused.

"Yeah I was just on break." Alfred says before waving bye and calling out to Mathew. Mathew responded like any good omega, he quickly waved before turning away quickly with red cheeks at the embarrassment of it all. Arthur headed back to the kitchen collecting a few dishes and placing them at a table before moving on.

It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon when Francis closed the shop up. Arthur and Mathew were sitting down and Mathew looked ready to go to bed. It didn't take long and soft snores emitted from the sleeping omega.

"Well I've never seen you pay such close attention to an alpha before mon ami." Francis states pulling a chair up near the two. Arthur rolled his eyes at the Frenchman's remark.

"I didn't pay any attention to any alpha. If it seemed like I did you know I should be getting close to my heat." Arthur grumbled in annoyance while Francis chuckled lightly making sure he didn't wake Mathew.

"You did pay attention to Alfred and he's not any alpha. Also you aren't close enough to be in pre-heat so you're still the normal you." Francis says and Arthur knows he's right.

"What ever frog, I'm leaving so I don't have to go home in the dark. Goodbye." He says waving and Francis smiles.

"I'm sure Alfred would escort you home, au revoir." Francis then turns to Mathew gently patting his head. "How did I end up with you?" He whispers quietly with a genuine smile on his face. He quickly scoops up the omega heading out to their car placing him inside and driving home. On the way home he spots Arthur walking on the sidewalk deep in thought.

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