(collage of the cast above, since this is the first chapter it's going to be pretty long because I want you to get an idea of how the main character is.)

Song: Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots


It 2am and I hear knocking on my bedroom window. I see a shadow through my curtains and nearly shit myself.

"Blair!" I hear a low voice whisper. I smirk knowing that it was Dimitri. I hop out of bed and open the door to my balcony and jump in his arms.

"Hey baby!" Dimitri says while pecking my lips and setting me down.

"What are you doing here? You know my dad's insane." I warn him.

"Jack Gilinsky doesn't scare me." He says rolling his eyes "Wanna go for a ride?" He smirks which turns me on.

"Let me get my moccasins." I whisper and creep back in my room, luckily my twin sister Avery was sleeping over her friend Rachel's house and Genesis was living in her dorm at college.

"Blair?" I hear my mom say while I shuffle through my closet.

"Shit." I mumble and quickly run outside. "My mom just woke up." I whisper out loudly.

"Let's get the fuck out of here then." I giggle as Dimitri grabs my hand and we run down the stairs connected to my balcony.

We hop in his Jeep and we speed out of my driveway and end up somewhere on the highway.

The song Antidote comes on and we blast it.

'Party on a Sunday,

Do it again all on Monday,

Spent a check on a weekend,

I might do it again,

I just hit a three peat,

Fucked three hoes I met this week,

I don't do no old hoes,

My nigga that's a no-no,

she just want to coco.'

We both scream the lyrics while I light a blunt.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

We end up at some park, not really sure where and I don't really care. Dimitri and I just sat on a bench, smoked a bit, made out and drank beer. Just the usual shit we do in our relationship.

"Look who finally shows up." Dimitri says smirking. I turn and see Joey, ew my ex. I roll my eyes and ignore him as him and his irrelevant friends walk towards us.

"Hey bitch!" I turn and see my best friend Santana.

"Hey hoe." Yes she's a hoe, but she's my best friend so come at me.

"Hi Blair." Joey smirks at me and I just give him a blank look and exhale my blunt in his face.

"How many times do we have to tell you that Blair doesn't like your ugly ass?" Santana scoffs at him.

"Don't be jealous that I'm giving her more attention than you darling." Joey snaps back at her.

"Suck my ass Joey!" She yells, she has a really bad temper by the way.


My phone started buzzing like crazy and I saw my dad's name pop up on my phone and immediately decline.

I got a text and rolled my eyes,

Dad: Get your ass home now.

I shut off my phone knowing that he would track my phone.

"Someone looks stressed out." Dimitri says holding onto my waist and resting his head on my shoulder.

"It's just my dad, you know how he is." I scoff.

"Here. Take two of these and wash it down with beer and you'll be stress free babe." Joey said handing me two blue pills.

I cringe since he called me babe but looked at the pills. "Is this fucking ecstasy?" I ask sniffing it.

"The one and only." He smirks.

"Who'd you get it from?" Dimitri asked.

"I know a guy."

"Is it safe?" I ask while looking closely at it.

"100 percent sure, how do you think I make it through history class?" He winks and hands everyone one.

"Okay guys on three. 1-2....."


"Oh my god! Babe this sand is sooooooooo soft come feel." I giggle while crawling around the ground.

"I'm pretty sure that's grass." Dimitri chuckled while picking me up bridal style.

"I have a boyfriend put me down!" I yell while punching his chest, "He's 6'3 and will beat your sorry ass!" I yell and start to laugh. "Oh I'm so happy, aren't you guys so happy? LET'S GO SOMEWHEREEEE!" I yell doing cart wheels on the sand.

"Where do you wanna go babe?" Dimitri asks while playing with my hair.

"Somewhere out of this shitty town! Let's go to Disney!" I scream from the top of my lungs.

I see red and white lights surround us and everyone starts freaking out and runs off.

"Ouuu! Look at the carnival lights!" I giggle.

"C'mon Blair!" Dimitri says irritated and grabs me and we both sprint to his car and hide in the trunk.

After 20 minutes the lights disappeared, "Aw what happened to the carnival lights babe?" I frown.

"Okay you're definitely out of it." He chuckles and starts his car and a song by the Weeknd comes on which makes me even more hyped.

"These songs always get to me." I say while running my fingers up his muscles he smirks at me. We pull over and had a heated make out session. One thing led to another. (A/N I suck ass at writing smut so use your own imagination lmaoo).

I wake up naked with Dimitri on top of me with his muscle tank top on. I grab his phone and look at the time.

7:10 am


My parents are gonna beat the shit out of me.


So basically Blair is a badass lmao. This chapter was kind of bad but it'll get better I promise:) please vote, comment and follow:)

p.s. please do NOT ever do drugs especially ecstasy, I wrote about it based on the main character I do not believe in any drugs use:)

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