7.6. Brutal

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we all just listen and talk about those savage animal acts happen around us coz partly we are helpless and partly we are used to of all that but trust me, my heart bleed on these terrorist activities getting so casual now days in my country.  May Allah destroy them from the face of earth and may peace be around us everywhere. Ameen!!!!

Chapter 7.6

Hussain's POV



Sirens screamed in the air and my heart started to thrum inside my chest an unknown fear started to rush to my nerves.

I was alone in my lecture hall preparing for the presentation I was about to have in 15 minutes when suddenly university sirens numbed my brain.

"What the hell is this for?"......

 I heard hurried footsteps towards the door.

"Hussain! come on man! We need to get out of the building. What are you doing here?" one of my class mate Arif, yelled at the top of his lungs while panting. Before I could say anything he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the lecture hall.

"Boys! Come on...this way" Mr. Naeem, our professor was shouting as he showed us the way running himself, I saw everybody was in a strange kind of panic and hustle as boys kept running out of the engineering wing.

There was a sudden uproar; guns beings screaming, bullets shot and people panicking. I could here girls screaming in horror and boys gasping in fear, everybody was running here and there.

"what is happening Arif?" I yelled as I found the main block crowded with commandos and their trucks parked in the main parking.

"Terrorists are inside the building" Arif replied, horror struck my heart and I looked back at the building now looking like a horror house.

We all followed our professor who took us out of the University from the back door, boys and girls gathered there as the policemen were trying to evacuate those places of the institute where still the terrorists hadn't reached.

"Move aside all of you! get back" an officer shouted, students with horrified faces got aside on the road.

Few busy dialing numbers on their phones a few already talking and crying over the phone talking to their parents probably.

"they are in the girl's wing Sir! A few of them has surrounded the main girl's entrance the rest are inside" I heard an officer speaking on his walki talki and my heart stopped beating.


I took out my phone and dialed Samra's number as I didn't have Tehreem's but suddenly I remembered Samra wasn't attending classes today Mami wasn't well, I cut down the call hurriedly before I would panic them at home.

I looked ahead at the main entrance where now, no student could be seen only commandos in black uniform ready to step into action. I took a deep breath and walked up to the main gate.

"Abey kahan ja raha hea? Hussain! stop!!!" I heard Arif's cries as I walked up to the gate. "Have you gone mad! Come back Hussain!"

"What on earth you are up to boy? Get back. That way!" I tried to walk past those policemen when one of them caught my arm.

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