~ Chapter 5~

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A/n sorry! I forgot to upload! Thanks to a few friends for support! So story time!

Zoe's POV

Hey guys so today I'm here with Danielle! She's a lovely girl who loves my vids and doing challenges she is also my sponsor's daughter! So Dan say hi to the viewers. Danielle: hi guys I'm Danielle I'm 12 and I seriously ship Zalfie! So Zoe, when are you gonna date Alfie? I blushed hearing what she said : what? Dan we're not here to talk bout that.we're for the event challenge!

They went on and on for bout 1/2 hr

"ok thanks dan you've been an awesome guest to have! Love you bye" I slammed the stop recording button and sent dan off to the door where Eileen picked her up. "hey Zoe, how was Dani?" "She was great Eileen " I waved good bye and they left.

Alfie texted me: hey babe, wanna head out for dinner?

I replied: sure ;)

A: wear something formal <3

Me: kk...


he called me babe?

Alfie's POV

Marcus! What did u send Zoe?

Nothing. Just sent her this *shows phone*

I hate u Marcus Butler! Why would you send her that?

Cause you like her? Duh...


A/n cliffhanger! Haha guess what's next ;p love ya and may the odds be ever in yr favour good bye! ~tmw

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