Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


When I wake up, Clove isn't with me.

Where is she? How did I fall asleep? Or the first question maybe should be ... where the hell am I?

I have a white coat on me. And I don't feel that it tightens to the wound on my arm which Clove accidentally gave me at the arena.

I pull my sleeve. The wound isn't there anymore.

There are clothes on the edge of my bed and I put them on me before I go out the doorand and up at in our floor in the training center.

I'll never stop be astonshed how you can be in a room and then just pop up somewhere completely else here in the Catpital.

I hear the chatter from the living room and put my steps in that direction.

And there I see Adam, Skylie, Makenna and Keela. Keela seems upset ... on me, because when I come in, he looks at me sullenly.

"What?" I ask.

The others starts laughing, which must mean that Keela is irritated over a bagatelle.

"You just had to make my girl knocked up and destroy everything I've built up", he says so loud and sudden that I jump.

"Huh?" I say shocked.

"You destroyed what I built up when you made my girl knocked up", he says almost a little to slow.

"Your girl?" I laugh.

"Yes, she's my little girl, you have a problem with that?" Keela asks angrily.

"Nope", I laugh with a big grin on my face. "And back to what I destroyed, what exactly did I destroy?"

"I had made her seem dangerous and insensitive, not defenseless and dependent on another person inside the arena, you idiot", he sputters to me. "And then you come and make my girl knocked up and she breaks down inside the arena countless times and seems weak and dependent on you".

"I'm sorry", is all I can say, I keep myself from laughing.

"Oh you're sorry", Keela said sour. "Easy for you to say now".

"Oh Keela stop now, be happy that they are both alive instead", Adam said cheerfully.

And right then, Clove enters the room.

She dosen't seem to have heard what Keela said.

At first she looks confused, but then she sees me and her face starts to light up with joy.

She runs up to me and literally jumps up into my arms and I catch her up.

She gives me a kiss before she jumps down again.

She sees Keela. She smiles at him, then she gives him a blow kiss. He catches it and brings it to his heart.

They must have done this befor, but when exactly?

Clove laughs and walk up and hugs him.

"Hi my little girl", he says.
"Hi there", she says.

"You can go with your stylists and make your preparations before tonight", Skylie said.

"Heeey Skylieee", Clove says. "Missed me?"

"Off you go with Keela now", Skylie said says but she smiles.

Keela takes Cloves hand and they go to her room.

"What's up with them?" I ask.

The others look at each other and are not sure if they should tell me.

"He can't be in love with her", I ask.

"No Cato, god no", Makenna said. "It's just that Clove ... she ... she means a lot to Keela".

"In what way?" I ask.

"Keela ... he ... when he was little or he was a teenager, his twin sister died ... and Clove looks a lot like her, and Keela feels a special bond to Clove, you understand?" Makenna said.

I nod, even though I didn't really.

I keep thinkingabout what Makenna told me, the whole time my assistents fixed me.

And then I realized what Makenna ment.

When Keela sees Clove, he sees his twin sister.

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