Chapter 1

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Y/n pov

"Y/N!" My bestfriend screamed. I groaned loudly.

"Why'd you scream? I'm sleeping." I said giving her the death stare. She laughed.

"Because you need to get up. We need to be at school exactly at 6, and its 5." She was so happy since we're going to Brazil for a school field trip.

"I'm going, just 5 more minutes please." I wined.

"No y/n." She said in her serious tone.

"Ugh, fine." I sat up and was slowly waking up.

"The light mani!" I screamed.

"Okay Dracula." She turned the light off and pulled my arm to stand up.

"There I'm up happy?" I rolled my eyes.

"Yes now go get ready, we have an hour." I sighed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

"Hurry up." Mani screamed opening the bathroom door.

"Just let me put my hair up." I said. She nodded and grabbed our bags.

After we walked down stairs and I saw my mom with the twins.

"Hey mom." I hugged her.

"Are you leaving?." She asked. I nodded. She hugged me tight.

"I'm gonna miss you." She said.

"Don't worry mom I'm just gonna be gone for 2 weeks, it'll go by fast." I said trying to cheer her up. I knelled down to say bye to my brother & sister.

"I'll see you guys in 2 weeks." I smiled at them & hugged them.

"Make sure to get us something." My brother Cameron said. I nodded.

"Promise!" My sister Celeste said.

"I promise guys." I got back up and waved bye to them.

"Let's go my moms here." Mani said. I nodded and we walked out the door.

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