Chapter 28

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Chapter 28


We walk slowly, mostly because Trevor who's not eating and drink minimally, isn't able to go faster.

Cato feel sorry for Trevor, but also that he is a bit of a burden. He haven't said it out loud, but I can see it in him. And maybe Trevor is, but I can't just leave him. It feels like I'm owe Iza, then I can at least try to keep Trevor alive as long as I can.

I take out the water bottle again. I see how dry Trevor's lips are. I holds it to his mouth but he pulls away.

"No Trevor, drink", I say.

"I don't want to", Trevor said weakly. "I'm not thirsty".

"Please", I beg and look him in the eyes.

"Oh well", he sighs and opens his mouth and drink thirsty.

"'I'm not thirsty'", Cato mimics.

Trevor smiles innocently.

"You'll be a good mom", Trevor said.

"Yeah she already dose such a good job taking care of you", Cato laughs and puts an arm around my shoulders.

We're so quiet that everyone can hear my stomach rumble.

"I think someone here is hungry", Cato says and smiles at me.

As if on cue, a parachute immediatley comes with lots of bread.

I smile and take two large pieces.

"You're gluttonous, Clove", Cato laughs, who haven't finish his second bread when I have eaten five pieces and takes me a sixth.

"I eat for two now", I remins his.

"That's true", Trevor said, who haven't taken a single bite on the bread I forced down into his hands.

"Trevor eat the bread", I say. "You haven't eaten anything for four days".

"Clove I have no appetite", Trevor says. "Understand that sometime".

I sigh.

And suddenly they appear.

The twins from District 11. They are bloody, but not by their own blood. I then realize that it's them, who have killed almost everyone.

Two small eleven year old twins from one of the poorest distrikts are two tiny killing machines.

They ook angry. Not weak or helpless as whan their names were drawn, and not healthy  and prosperous as they did during the parade. They look dangerous with all the blood.

The boy throws a dart, and it hits Trevor on his leg. 

Trevor moans of pain. Cato throws a spear through the little boy who falls dead to the ground.

The girl makes a crazy scream and throwing herself at me with a knife. Trevor throws himself between us and Cato stabs her with his sword.

The girl dies instantly, but Trevor ... poor Trevor.

"Trevor?" I say and kneels beside him.

He's shaking while his body is emptied of blood by the deep stab.

He lets out a small moan in response. I take his hand and holds it steady in mine.

He gives me a painful look. Tears begin to flow from my eyes down my cheeks.

"Kiss him Clove", Cato says loud and clear when he kneels.

What on earth is he saying?

"Huh?" I ask confused.

"Kiss him", Cato said. "He told me that his death wish would be to get a kiss from you, but he didn't ask because you carrie my child".

I let the words sink in. Iza was right, Trevor did have a crush on me.

Trevor is looking week from me to Cato and then back to me.

I bend down over Trevor and let our lips melt together. The only thing I feel is how much he is shaking, but Trevor takes the kiss as best he can.

The tears continued flow, and flow down on Trevor's face. Then he stops kissing me and then I notice that even his shaking has stopped. 

I straightens me to see Trevor lie completely still in the bigges puddle od blood I've ever seen, even I and Cato is sitting in it. Trevor staring up at the sky without really looking. He's dead.

I lean against Cato and he holds me with one arm, while he with his other hand gently closes Trevor's eyelids, so that it looks like he's asleep.

And then we hear the last cannon shot.

"Goodbye Trevor", I squeak.

And then I hear applause which is broadcast live from the Capital, to us.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduse the winners ot the 74th annual Hunger Games: Cato and Clove from District 2".

A hovercraftappears and a ledder is lowered.

Cato gets up. It drops blood from his clothes from the puddle. He hands me his hand.

"Shall we baby?" he asks smiling.

I smile and take his hand.

"Yes we shall", I say.

We stand on the ledder and it hoisted us up from the arena.

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