Chapter 48

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Daisy came walking over to me in tears before tightly hugging me. "I thought you were going to die." She cried onto my shoulder. "I told you I wouldn't." I whispered back in her neck. "I don't know what I would've done if he....if he...he, killed you." She stuttered. "Don't think about it Daisy, it's all good now. It's all over." I said as I slowly Pulled back and looked at the rest of the group. "Dana would've been proud." Wes said tearing up. "I know I am." My, mum, whispered. "I am too." Ben said not hestating as he too Pulled me in a hug, he had his usual cheeky smile back on his face which was very pleasent to see. "It's all over guys!" Tyler said as he too was smiling. "Time to go home." I smiled as I Pulled back from Ben. "God how I miss my bed." Ally said chuckling. "There's one more thing I want to do." Patrick said not smiling at all. "Even though Dana's body might not be here I do want to have a small little funeral here." "You know what well do!" Arises said. "I'll make a whole memorial Hallway for her together with Jacob and Quincy." "Sounds good to me." I said nodding. "She will be remembered for forever." Wes said as he softly placed his hand on Patrick's shoulder. "She had gone through way to much in her short period of life." Bella softly mumbled looking down at the ground making me feel bad for feeling happy. I mean, I just killed the guy who was after me all this time but...,he killed a girl who watched her pack die one by one, who was dragged into my shit without asking for it. And then taken by a demon, it made me feel like it was all my fault! Even though I didn't ask for this!

It was time to say goodbye and go home now, Bella had to take Patrick, Wes, Willow, Lilly and Ally away before Arises would go to the Hallway where Dana was taken because she was convinced Patrick would follow her which would be the worst thing right now since that kid was broken. So we had already said goodbye to them, it was now time to say goodbye to Raven, Arises, Quincy and Jacob. "I'll come back." I said as I hugged Arises. "You better, you're in charge now!" She said, mum had already explained that even though she still lived she was no longer the head alpha because she had voluntarely given herself to the downworld which was not allowed according to the supernatural law or something like that. "I'll miss you little blonde freak." Quincy said chuckling. "I'll be back before you can even spell the word miss." I said chuckling aswell. "M-i-S-S, Hey you're still here!" He joked making me jokingly punch him in the stomach. When I was done laughing I Walked over to Jacob who'm just kind of stood there. "You know what grumpy little piece of shadowhunter, I never thought i'd say this but I might even miss you." I said looking him straight in the eye. "No offence but i'll only miss you, the rest of your pack is....mental!" "Awh thank you!" "It wasn't a compliment." "You said I wasn't mental, I take that as a compliment." He couldn't help but smile at that and I took that as my chance to give him a quick hug. To my suprise he hugged me back.

"They look happy." Devan said as he came to stand next to me as we were now both staring at Tyler and Ben who'm were laughing hystericly. "I'm happy for them."


"DAD!" I yelled jumping into his arms. "ALEX!" He yelled happily excepting my hug. "I missed you dad." I mumbled into his neck. "I missed you too baby girl!" "Did you manage out here without me?" "I did perfect!" "Are you sure?" "Well I might of have accidently slipped out that you were a werewolf when I told my staf about the hunters but it's all good!" "DAD!" "It's okay they won't tell a living soul!" "I don't care if they tell a brick! You shouldn't just slip those things out!" "How else was I supposed to tell them that there were people hunting down supernatural creatures!" "Good point!" I heard my mum clear her throath behind me so I released myself from my dad and quickly Walked inside 'cause I was sure those two had a lot to talk about.

Late that night someone knocked on my window bassicly scaring the living daylight out of me. "WHO'S THAT?!" I yelled with shaking hands. "Devan!" I mumbling voice sounded. I sighed and Walked over to the window to open it. "God you scared me." I said as he climbed in. He mumbled a sorry before just stopping and staring at me. "What?" I asked uncomfortable with him staring like that. "I forgot to give you something today." He said coming a little closer. I wanted to say something else but I couldn't because Devan had bassicly already pressed his soft warm lips against mine. It my skin tingle in a new way and it made me feel warmer then i'd ever been. As his hand travelled up my neck touching my skin softly a shiver went down my Spine.

I had never felt this way before, this loved. It felt amazing. I felt amazing!

For once in my life I could see us going back to normal!

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