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This is my interview with kimmio about her story 'The Jerk Who Kissed Me'

Q1. Where did you get the inspiration for your story?

Ummm...I'm not too sure lol, I really have a soft spot for the good girl-bad boy themed romance, so maybe, The Perfect Chemistry inspired the idea of The Jerk Who Kissed Me.

Q2. Are any of the characters based on real people?

Hmm...I like to think April is a bit like me. Well, she definitely gets her swearing, A.D.D, over thinking, and wild, crazy ramblings from me :D. The boys aren't based off real people. I molded characteristics I want in a guy  into Adrian and Tyler's characters, so they're like my perfect guys I guess :)

Sarah...yeah, she's made up lol!

Q3. Do April and Adrian get together? (I’ve been waiting to know this for a very long time now!)

Haha, well...If I tell you now there will be no point in finishing the story! You'll just have to wait and see :P

Q4. When will your next update be?

I'm hoping some time this week or next week...Just got back from vacation, went straight back to work because my co-worker went to NYC for the weekend so I'm taking over his shifts and school starts next week....but yeah, please hang on tight, I'm trying my best to upload as soon as possible...I just want the chapter to be good, fulfilling and worthwhile for all my fans :)

Q5. Will Tyler and Adrian fight over April?

Well..judging from the latest chapters what do you think o.O?

Q6. How will April react to being Adrian’s maid and the manager of three sports teams?

You'll have to wait and read the next chapter...which I'm currently writing now!

Q7. How often will your updates be?

At first I was thinking of uploading when my target vote has been reached or I'll do a weekly or biweekly update but since I work part time and school is about to start I think I'll stick to uploading when my target vote has been's less stressful that way I guess.

Q8. Are you planning a sequel?

Haven't really thought that far ahead lol, they only have just met! Unless I wrote a story from either Sarah's or Adrian's POV....or just write a completely different story.

Q9. Will there be a happy ending? (In my eyes the happy ending would be Adrian and April!)

Haha, maybe...I hope so!

Q10. How long will ‘The Jerk Who Kissed Me’ be?

Not too sure yet! Sorry!

Thank you kimmio!!

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