The Socially Connected Man

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This is a totally experimental piece for me.  I wanted to see if I could write a story using nothing more than computer pseudocode and computer commands.  Would appreciate feedback, but once again, it's just an experimental peice. 

:::User status changed....Discontinuing sleep mode.... @User587900 - Status report: Blood pressure: 150/70, respiration - normal, medications administered: 7:08am. Subject has left the following message: "Good morning son, it's a beautiful day. Your mother would be so proud of you. Call me later."

C:\Users\user> "Dad, could you be any more cheesy? Now go play golf, I have work to do."

C:\Users\user>Set.Priority( low. - "Your account balance is below the set limit. Please log in to to review your account and make any changes"

C:\Users\user>, Password:********)"Please approve the following purchases and transfer necessary funds to avoid any overdrafts."

Users>transfer.funds.checking(americanbanking6884257>>americanbanking587900($2500USD), authorization: *******

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