8. I Could Never Hate You

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AN: Here is some concept art I did about Hades and Persephone. I see a lot of Hades and Persephone in Kylo and Rey. :)

On to the chapter!

Chapter Eight

Rey POV:

They were enemies--she knew that. And yet she knew that she had betrayed him. They had become allies, thrown together in such a way that forced them to work together. And she had betrayed his trust. Rey shook her head. Should she have told him of her mission? If she had, would he have gone with her?

Perhaps she made the right choice. By not telling him of her mission, she had ensured his trust. And Kylo Ren--Ben Solo, whoever he was--had trusted her.

They had spoken like companions in the Tie Fighter, as she flew them to her home. And they had been so close; his breath had been tickling her neck. And Rey had not minded their nearness. She took comfort in knowing he was right there, right behind her, ready to protect them with the guns he wielded.

Time had slowed down as General Leia's voice came through the tiny handheld device Rey had stashed away. Rey's heart had sunk as Leia spoke. Because right behind her, so very close, was Leia's son. And for a time, she could feel his joy.

But then rage replaced joy. He had been angry with her. He still was angry with her.

Hours had passed, and yet they had not moved from the Tie Fighter. Hours had passed, and yet they had not spoken. But they were human, and humans need nourishment. Swallowing hard, Rey stood up from the sand, brushing the fine grains from her clothing.

She walked around the tail of the Fighter, to the left side where Ben had sat. And there he was, standing. He turned when she neared, and his features were soft, his face relaxed. His hands, which had once held her close were unclenched by his sides. He looked at her. Blinked. And then he turned away, his face hardening.

"We need food," Rey stated, walking closer.

"I don't have any, Rey," he responded gruffly, not bothering to turn and face her.

Rey almost laughed. He assumed that she was asking him to get food. "I know. I wouldn't expect you to. But I can get us some. It'll take about an hour or so."

"Where will you go?"

Rey swallowed. The question was dry, and there was no emotion behind it. "There's a junk trader called Unkar Plutt. I'm a scavenger. I bring him things, and I get food in exchange."

As soon as the spoke, Rey's heart rate sped up. Because she remembered exactly what she had stolen from Unkar. Surely he would be angry that she had taken the Millennium Falcon from him. Perhaps he would not give her food for what she brought. But either way, they had to eat. She had to try.

"Is it safe?" He asked.

She paused, contemplating not lying. She had already been untruthful with him, broken his trust. Words flew from her mouth before she realized what she was saying. "Of course. I've been doing this all my life."

"Do you need me to go with you?" He asked, the words almost forced.

Rey shook her head. He would only slow her down. "Stay here. I'll be back soon."

He gave no response, ignoring her like they were children. Rey turned around and, grabbing items from the Tie Fighter she knew would bring a good price (without hindering their ability to fly), walked down the dune they had landed on. The sand was hot and she was thirsty, but she was used to both feelings. She almost . . . relished in feeling that way. She had missed her home.

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