Tonight on the Titanic: Chapter 2

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 Kate's POV

A small breeze drifted over the back of my neck, a relief from the strange hot weather Southampton was experiencing this April. In the morning, I had piled all my blonde hair on top of my head to keep myself from overheating.

“Oh Kate dear, look at the woman with the two dogs!” My Aunt Molly cried out excitedly. She handed me a pair of opera house binoculars, so I could inspect the woman as she made her way up the gangplank, two poodles in tow.

Holding it up to my eyes, I humored my aunt with a quick glance. “How adorable.” I responded, before giving them back to her. I didn’t need the tool to see the fancy people board the ship, but Molly had been so impressed with her own idea to grab the binoculars before we left the house this morning.

My aunt wanted to arrive at the port early, so we could board before the crowds and get a spot to watch the rich folk turn up in splendor. As long as I’d known her, my mother’s sister had always been attracted to the extravagant lifestyle of the wealthy.  

Over the past half and hour, Molly squealed about the lavish clothing and jewels of the first-class ladies as they arrived. Although fashion wasn’t something I had a soft spot for, I was willing to watch with Molly because she had purchased a boarding ticket for me; it was the least I could do to repay her generous favor. Besides, I didn't mind standing here watching all the excitement around us. It was a perfect opportunity to spot an interesting person, someone who could become a character in one of my stories.

Tom, on the other hand, was not the least bit happy. “Mother, can we please return to our rooms? It’s boiling out here,” my older cousin complained.

“Thomas, act your age. You don’t want some fine young lady to hear you complaining like a two-year-old.” His mother responded.

I held my hand over my mouth and covered a giggle to spare my cousins feelings. “Not enjoying the fashion parade?” I asked him.

Changing his tactics, Tom responded with a small smile. “Why, of course I am Kate. What I meant to say is that this weather is quite unsuitable for you ladies. Imagine if you faint because of the heat? Besides, I think William here is growing tiresome.”

“That’s not true.” Tom’s little brother responded. Throughout the course of the morning, he had been very well behaved, compared to his normal energetic nine-year-old self. Molly had bought him a spintop to bring along for the journey and it was keeping him completely entertained.

My aunt laughed. “You see, Thomas? You’re the only one who’s not enjoying the moment. You will never be able to say that you experience the departure of the Titanic’s maiden voyage if you go hide below deck.”

“But Mother-“ Tom began; however Molly wasn’t listening. She had already returned her attention back to the boarding passengers.

“Kate, isn’t that purple just a wonderful color?” she asked, pointing.

Turning away from Tom, I rested against the ship’s railing and looked down at a rather tall, skinny woman with wild red hair. She was clad in a tight purple dress and on her head was a large, floppy green hat with a feather that whipped in the wind. Her whole outfit made her look like a plum. Behind her trailed two children, and girl and a boy, who looked nearly identical apart from the length of their hair.

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