Dust caked his nose and he pinched it to avoid sneezing

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Dust caked his nose and he pinched it to avoid sneezing. The rushes on the floor were old and moldy, pieces of bone stuck through them. The rancid beer and grease stench fumed to his eyes, and they watered. He shuffled over to her the compact dirt and stepped over a stone slab, while flickering glances around the room. Her arm was wrapped with a thin bandage, and was puffy. It hurt him even to look at it.

The door at the end of the small room was cracked down the middle and warped from water seepage. A tall bench near her head was covered with bloody bandages, and open bottles of fowl selling herbs. Not fresh ones like he used, but fermented. Near the window was a barren book shelf.

He bent down and put his hand on her back. Still warm. The smell of new leather. She must have replaced it. He patted her uninjured arm.

"Why, my lord, do you hurt me? Have I not done as you ordered?"

He pulled his hand back, and stood up. "What was it you were ordered to do?"

A darkness shadowed on her face and she looked up at him. "Oh, it was just a silly dream." She stood up cradling her arm.

Without making too obvious he glanced at it. Something felt off, but the thought bounced around with too many others for him to fully finish any. A peg on the wall holding up some wooden bowls, fell with the plates crashing.

She pivoted at the plates and then back at him before he finished drawing in a breath. She's acting like when we first met, on edge and battle ready.

"Come with me, I'll call Corry and have her open a portal back." He stepped over to her. Her brows shot down to deep crease, and her lips stretched back. She snarled a string of Elvish words.

"I'm going assume you're being insulting? I just want to help you." The pain must be doing it. He scooted over, making sure that she didn't attack him, and held out his hand. "It's alright now."

She streaked off towards the door, and worked it fully open with her feet, sill holding the injured arm.

He walked over to her, and she ran-stumbled down a hallway lit with torches. The air stunk from—he breathed in, while running after her—ugg wet fur. She managed to run off ahead of him around a corner, seconds later when he reached it she had vanished. Doors were on both sides, with a  lit torch between them. Bile rose up, then plopped back down as if his stomach was trying to do a half-twist-jump.

He chased her around the corner, and before he could stop he tripped over a squat Scorpo-rat.  Its squeal echoed down the hall. No point in trying to remain unnoticed anymore. The rat stabbed the air near him twice, growled and scuttled under a low shelf.

To the left of the shelf up against the wall was a tall construct made of metal. The middle of it recessed back towards the wall and flattered, to a glass screen. On the slanted recess were several buttons of ivory, some had symbols carved into them others were such things like, storage, cell, sewer, study, kitchen. One button was larger than the others and in the far left corner. It read: Emergency Escape. Ignoring it for now, he looked at them again and found another large one with deactivate carved into it.

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