{ 13 }I Accidentally and Unintentionally Fell in Love .....With a Vampire 13

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To turn someone into a vampire a vampire must feed them there blood

Sorry I'm posting so late but it's like 11:00pm and I'm typing- my pap's brother's daughter's daughter's birthday was today and I forgot. I have a dig family =)


Everything happed so fast that I barley comprehended what happened. First Chris swung me around and jumped in front of me. The next thing I saw was my dad right in front of him, hitting him. I screamed "NNNNOOOOO." He fell down and his eyes were closed. If he was hit hard on his head it could break his neck. It would be equal to decapitation.

O. My. God "nononononononono...no...no." he couldn't be dead. I was crying silent tears the bad ones.

I screamed at my dad "GET THE FUCK AWAY YOU MONSTER!" he looked stunned. He said "he has been lying to you. Can't you tell he's a vampire? He was probably planning on killing you jade." I screamed "HE HAS NEVER LIED TO ME AND YES I KNOW AND I LOVE HIM ANYWAYS. NOW LEAVE!" he muttered "well it doesn't matter now."

He hesitated but left. I knelt by Chris and cradled him in my arms while rocking him back and forth. I was still crying. His hand twitched and I grabbed it. I whispered in his ear. "I love you. Don't you fucking leave me. Stay, please for me" I felt angry. How could he even think of leaving me? He promised he would never hurt me.

Then I thought about it. What do vampires need to regain there strength?


I looked around for anything sharp but I couldn't find anything. So I bit my arm. I whimpered a little, it hurt like hell. Then I opened his mouth and put my arm between his lips. At first it hurt worse but once his hand grasped my arm and bit down I felt electrified. It was like every part of me longed for him. I didn't want it to stop.

It felt like we were one being in two bodies. I felt so close to him. I couldn't hold it in; I moaned and whispered his name. I knew I was ready, ready for forever.

Then I passed out...........

I awoke somewhere......next to something..... it was dark.......i didn't want to move and it hurt to think.


I shot up like a rocket and the think next to me grabbed me around the waist. I screamed. They put a hand over my mouth.

He started talking sleepily. "Jade, calm down, lets go back to sleep and talk in the morning. I'm too tired." I screamed "CHRIS!!!" I jumped on top of him and kissed every inch of his visible skin. "I....love......you" I muttered in between kisses. He was giggling but It sounded painful. He pulled he closer to him and said "I love you to but I feel weak can we please sleep"

I got off of him and lay down in his arms. I quickly fell asleep. I felt weak too.

-that morning

Something hard was lying on my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw it was an arm. I looked up and saw it was Chris. He looked like an innocent child in an adult body when he slept. He was adorable that I didn't want to wake him so I laid in his arms for about an hour until he woke up.


When I woke up Jade was lying in my arms. She was stroking my chest. I was drowse from sleep and you could tell when I talked. "Morn'n love" she giggled and said "good morning to you too. How do you feel?" whoa I remember. I....Almost....................Killed........Her. I....Drank.....Her....Blood. HER ARM!

I softly grabbed her hand and pulled her arm up. "ddd-did iiiii dddo that... tto you?" I was repulsed with myself. It has to be a mistake, I would never do that to her. She used her other hand and pulled my head up so I was looking her in the eyes. She said "No, I did it to my self. I couldn't watch you die. I bit my arm and then fed it to you. Don't blame yourself you were unconscious." But it was my fault!!! "if it weren't for me you would have never been in that situation. I am supposed to protect you, to be there for you and I wasn't. it is my..." she jumped on top of me and my lips became very busy.

She practically ripped my shirt off. She was moaning "ready... (Moan)...I'm ready." I flipped her so she was underneath me. I was looking her dead in the eye. "If you could go anywhere, where would you go?" she laughed and looked at me like I was crazy so I said "I'm serious. Where is your favorite place to be?" She looked like she was thinking and I was glad. Most people wouldn't understand that I wanted a serious answer.

She smiled and said "if I could be anywhere, it would be in your arms." I kissed her then said "you deserve better than an old broken-down tree house, jade." She grunted and said "I can't wait Chris. I want you, I need you. I've made up my mind and I won't change it." I laughed and said "you sound like I've said no. I'm just asking you to wait. Can you wait until tomorrow at least? We need to get you clothes and food." "I also want to see my father" what he could kill hhh........o hell no. I said "are you nuts. He'll kill you. I'm surprised he didn't last night. Jade, remember there are rules." We sat in silence, for what seemed like hours, contemplating about the future.

"The only way you could go back to him is by leaving me. Only you can decide what happens now. Will you stay with me or... (deep breath)...or are you going?"

ok would you rather jade trickes her father into thinking chris is dead or them getting into a fight or if you have another idea. thanks

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