The sun that's shines

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One year ago

The light from the sun shines on my face as I am walking. The air is so clean and pure with a faint sweet smell that fills my nose as I breath in. There is a slight breeze that flows through my hair, which makes my hair feel light on my shoulders. My t-shirt and shorts cling to my body with the heat. The feel of the small granules of sand rubbing againtst my feet as I sink in like quicksand pulling me down, feels so nice between my toes. I look up ahead and see seagulls soaring through the sky. I've just been here a week and it still seems new to me. California is known for its surfing and sun but that's not why we moved here. We moved here because we were told that my gran didn't have long to live. When we had got here my mother spoke with the doctor and he had estimated that she had two weeks at the tops left to live but as it seems it was less than that. It's been four days since she passed on and although I am heartbroken I do understand it's what happens. You see my gran didn't have anything wrong with her, you see she just died with old age. Even though my gran went to fitness classes like Yoga and Zumba and ate healthy but her time was up. My gran had owed one of the expensive houses you know like the ones you see in movies? Yes let's just say she was rich. She has one of those houses that are right on the beach front so you can see the sunset right from your window. It seems that my mum now has ownership of the house which she has known for a long time and that we are permanently going to live here.
"Freya? honey you here?" I turn around and see my mum standing at the steps that lead to the house with her hand just above her eyes to shield the light. She is looking frantically up an down the beach trying to spot me. I put my hand up and waved, she saw my wave and came towards. My mum and I share a lot of the same genetics, same shade of blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin even the same smile. All I have received from my dad is the athletic and creative gene.  My mum's job is with fashion. Totally different personalities but they loved each other and I love them. My dad died just last year.

"Hi mum how are you?" I give her a smile even though I know things are a bit rough
"Me? oh honey don't worry about me I'm fine still shaken up about your gran but things will get better they always do" she diverts her gaze towards the sea and I wrap my arms around her waist and which she lovingly returns.
"It will mum don't worry" she lets go and looks at me with a smile that I have not seen in a while
"I have good news but first let's go into the house it's cooler in there" we link arms and go to the steps and climb them one by one. When we reach the back door, I don't feel the least tried compared to mum who looks Like she just ran a marathon. I walk into the kitchen, open the fridge and take out the carton of orange juice then go to the cupboard and get a glass and filled it with orange. Fresh orange has always been my favourite juice compared to apple as it seems fresher and new. My mum sauntered over to the study and picks up a piece of paper, she grabs her glasses puts them on and comes over to me
"Right you know  I have been looking for jobs? Well the time has come to tell you that I have finally found a job in a shop called "Belle Reve" it's French name which translates into " Beautiful dream" isn't it lovely?" She glances up from the paper and gives me a beaming smile. A French name must mean the company is French?
"So does that mean you need to speak French? because we both know you don't speak French at all" she puts the paper down on the work top and pushes her glasses on the top of her head. My mum stares at me with an amusing look on her face

"No honey the people speak English but the company is from France and the people will be lovely I'm sure, I start on Monday and can't wait. I've to be assistant manager of the company so I'm told because they were impressed with my experience with fashion" this is great news for her so this must mean we will get a fantastic start here. My new home smells of my gran which isn't bad but nice, as a child I always loved coming up here during the summer to see my gran but as I got older the visits were reduced to nothing more than a short visit of necessary to save money. Although we were pretty well off too back in Scotland it still cost a fortune to travel back.
This house is even grander than my old one but it is still different. As I get closer to the staircase I stop and look at it, the stairs are made of a shiny marble that shows your reflection, the banisters that lead all the way to the top are white which give the name "grand" to the full thing. The staircase is split into two halves, one at each end of the wall with a big Greek statue in the centre. I slowly walk up the right-hand die of the staircase and feel the coolness of the marble under my feet. Looking at the paintings of the family running up the walls, some are of me which I vaguely remember being done as a child. The frames made out of a rough wood to give off the olden effect of posh paintings you see in museums, my hand runs along them feeling the jagged pieces of wood that stick up. My room is fancy as some call it because it is big with a brilliant view of the sea and beach. It has a balcony with a petite seat which sits facing the sea which I love sitting on each morning. morning have my own private bathroom full bath,shower,toilet, basin etc. My bed is a kings size and has drapes hanging at each corner. My room is purple my favourite colour which goes with the creme bedding. I go over to my awesome speakers and press play, the song "American Honey" by the country band Lady Antebellum comes booming out. They are my favourite band of all time. I live and breath on country music and i just love it.
I lay down on my bed and breath in as the air conditioning hits down on me, I close my eyes and listen to the music that flows around the room.
Hey guys this is my first book I have done on this. I apologise is the first part is rubbish but it will improve. So please vote and comment on anything but please make sure the comments are reasonable without bad language
Thanks xx

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