Chapter 5

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After the incident with kira being in a minor state of shock and all the other things about crossing the line, I was in my room. Getting ready for dinner with haru.

I then took out my formal wear. It was dark blue. It had knitted details and a opening in the middle. It was short but sexy. (Look at picture above)

I then took my sandals that went perfectly with the dress. It was sandals as if made for a goddess it was brown and it went up almost untill my knee. I had to put contacts to compliment my eye. With this, my outfit was finished.

I stepped in front of the mirror and gave myself a thumbs up. Ugh why am I making myself look pretty? I dont even like him. Or do I? I shook my head and dismissed the thought.

I looked over to monica and saw that she had dozed off... Again. That heavy sleeper. Although she was asleep she was still gorgeous. She had firm lips, long eyelashes, rosy cheeks and tamed hair. I envy her sometimes. She was...



More popular

And most of all


I didn't hate her for this. She's my friend.

Its just that she's better at everything. Even sleeping.

I sighed heavily to myself as if I have millions of problems going through my head. I sat down on the edge of my bed. Anticipating for a knock on the door. Probably from Haru.

I checked my phone to see two messages. One from Haru and one from my father. I, as my usual self opened my dad's message first. I read murmuring the words.

Hey my angel. How are you? Hopefully you're doing good with your studies. I just wanted to say happy advanced birthday to you angel. You're finally a teen! I hope you're not upset I can't be there with you. I'm really sorry. But daddy's gotta work. I'll be back anyways in a few months and I'll make it up to you. I heard you're going to the beach with your aunt roxan and chinnie. Hope you have fun there. Just be careful not to go to the deep parts. As much as possible, stay by the shoreline. How's your friend monica? Its nice to hear that both of you recieved an award from school. And the gay guy was his name Lorenzo? Well anyways I want to recieve a picture from you with all three of you in it. Send me a message and a picture ASAP okay?

With love and kisses -dad

I let a heavy sigh escape from my mouth. How I miss daddy. He's the best dad EVER! I remember him kissing my boo boo whenever I had one.

He would force me to apply alcohol to my wounds. And obviously i said no. Alcohol is a bad idea. It fucking hurts.

I felt tears sting at the corner of my eye. I sniffed. I looked up at the ceiling trying to blink the tears away. I sighed heavily.

I looked back at my phone and started to text.

Hey dad! I miss you. Im fine dad. Im doing good my studies although there's alot of assignments per day, which sucked. And dad don't worry if you're not here for my birthday. I totally understand. I'll just call you up on face time. And my friend monica is fine. She's still pretty lol. And my gay friend lorenzo, he's fabulous! Well anyways dad im going to send you the pic alittle later after we take a selfie. Monica's sleeping and lorenzo is well lorenzo.- marie your awesome daughter!

Then I clicked send. I sighed and re-read what i just sent and nodded in satisfaction.

I looked over to my watch and frowned when it was already 7:00 pm. Oh my gosh had to leave already. I said to myself taking my brown sling bag and taking out my sticky pad and wrote down something for monica.

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