Chapter 46

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I ran out of my room at the sound of loud banging everywhere. As fast as I could I ran to the dining room but no one was there so I went back and ran towards the study. All the halls were empty and paintings and pictures had come falling down from the walls from all the banging. When I got to the study practicly falling into the room i saw everybody else was already there. "Alex Here's your sword!" Arises yelled as she threw me a big sword with black handle that had the mark of fangs on it making me look at my ring that Ben had given us. "Does everybody have their weapons?!" She yelled to the rest who all nodded. Is saw that Ben had two dolks and his taser in his back pocket, he looked like a nervous wreck and I wasn't even close enough to see his face in full detail. I felt extremely sorry for him, he was the only normal one of us and he had to be dragged into this too. I can't imagine what it must feet like at this point.

"It won't be long before the demons enter the institute, you guys all need to be ready for the worst, I don't know how many there are and it's very likely that we'll have to go out at some point anyways but it's better to beat them here first before we go outside, is that understood?!" "Yes!" Everybody said back. I couldn't  help but look at the troubled faces around me, everybody looked so scared and yet so determined. Even Jacob seemed Uneasy in the situation. I knew this was hard for everybody, not just me. It wasn't just my life on the line right now. And we all knew it all too well, Tyler too had realised that this could just as well be his last day, or even Ben's especially because he's just a mundane. I saw Tyler walk over to him and give him a tight hug. "I'm going to get us all out of here." He whispered to Ben. "I love you." Ben whispered back. "Love you too." After they released Ben turned to me and motioned for me to come over, Tyler did the Same to Devan untill we were all four in a circle with our arms over the person next to us. "We'll come out of this together." I said looking at everybody. "We've grown stronger and stronger. This Slanther guys better watch his back!" Devan added looking directly at me.

"GUYS!" Daisy yelled staring at the big black foggy floting man in front of her, he didn't have a face, just a hood on and a long cape. "ARGH!" Quincy yelled as he stabbed the demon right in his heart making his ashed fall to the ground. I quickly turned around and as I did that I chopped of the head of the demon that had appeared behind me. "Good job!" Jacob yelled as he burtely chopped one in pieces. "They are everywhere!" Ben yelled panicked. "Just kill them!" I heard Willow scream as she killed one herself. "Fack!" I murmered as I pierced another through the heart. I could hear everybody groaning and sweating as the demons attacked us. "ALLY BEHIND YOU!" I screamed as the demon opened his mouth and went straight to Ally's head, Devan jumped in front of her running his blade across the demons body. "Die!" I yelled as I pierced one going towards Daisy who'm already had to fight of three others. The chaos in the study was becoming so big I could barely see everybody through the thick black smoke the demons left behind. "I can't breath!" Ben yelled coughing as he pierced another demon. I pierced three more before realising I had the Same problem. "The smoke is sufacating us!" Raven's deep voice sounded as he Pulled up his wand taking out three demons at once. "We. Need. to. get. out!" Patrick coughed as he Walked towards the door. "Watch out!" Willow yelled as she pierced one of the five demons that followed him. Wes and I quickly pierced the others before I helped Ally kill the ones surrounding Dana and Lilly. "Stick together!" I yelled as I heard the door open. "AAARRRGGH!" Devan yelled as he killed the ones that were waiting for us on the other side of the door. "Come on!" I yelled as I took lead and ran out of the door. I had to kill everysingle demon that came our way together with Raven who joined me up front. Tyler Patrick and Wes were in the very far back and the rest was in the middle. "Corner!" I yelled as turned around the right Sharp corner piercing two more demons. "THERE ARE TO MANY!" Lilly screamed as I noticed they had started flying on top of our group. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT!" I yelled to Raven who nodded and started running faster. "Prepare yourselfs guys!" Arises yelled as we went towards the door. "FUCK OF!" Willow's voice sounded as she killed one coming from above.

Two seconds later everybody's hearts dropped as the hallways became quiet. The only stond that was now hearable was
The sound of Dana's loud shrieking voice piercing our hearts with the worst emotion possible.

"LEAVE HER!" I heard Bella yell to someone. "SHE'S GOING TO DIE!" Patrick's scared and frightened voice sounded. "She's already dead Patrick, we have to go before others get taken!" Arises voice sounded and when I turned around I saw Arises had grabbed Patrick's arm, who was crying hystericly. When I turned to see Wes Willow and Lilly I saw they too had tears in their eyes making me get a lump in my troath. "We can't got back now." Raven said to me as he grabbed my arm pulling me with him.

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