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"So....this is my wife?" Jimin scan my body from head to toes.
"Y-yes she's not the best but as I said this is my only daughter" father said looking at me.
He was actually more better looking than I thought....his hair looks like the softest hair on earth, his dark brown eyes were so shiny, his lips were rose pink and they were so plump.
"Heh....she's quite odd.." He said looking at my face "she's not very pretty...." He then started to look at my body. "Her body.....isn't a S-line figure.."
Wtf was Jimin thinking? AN S-LINE!? Like as if...
"S-so when do you think you guys would move in?" Mom said shyly to Jimin.
"Today...." Jimin said with no fear while smiling.
"M-mom....I don't wanna go yet tho!" I shouted to them.
"Y/ have to you already-"
"Listen already made a deal that you'll marry me so you have no choice....y/n" Jimin said to me with a smirk.
"B-but dad!"
"I'm sorry Y/n...." Dad replied looking at the floor.
"Well I don't have all day" Jimin grabbed by wrist and dragged me out of the house.
"YAH! Stop! M-my stuff is still in there!"
"Who already have new things at our house now.." Jimin looked at me then forced me into the car.
"Our house...?"
"Wow...your plain dumb aren't you...well aren't you already my wife...we're together now...wifey"
Jimin p.o.v
God she's slow is she? Why did my dad even drag me into this? I mean he has 6 other sons to pick from...and of course out of every son it's me...I hate my brothers...namjoon  is plain dumb, seokjin is so annoying, hoseok is always acting like a horse, taehyung is weird, jungkook is always so lost, and yoongi....he's just lazy. I hate everything...I miss Anna...she was always there for me...I miss her..we were suppose to get dad didn't approve. I remember that day...
"DAD! I love her.... Please..let us get marry!"
"Listen Jimin Anna isn't for you! Your not going to get marry to woman who can't even do anything! IF YOU MARRY HER YOU ARENT MY SON"
"Jimin p-please don't fight with your father...he's right.." Anna teared up, you could tell she didn't want this to happen she didn't want to let go...I didn't want to let go also...
"She's gone now..." I said to myself quietly.
"Who?" Y/n said confused
"No one...just don't pay attention to me right now.."

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