~Author's Pre-note~

So, this is my first humor and I'd like to dedicate it to the amazing JessGirl93, the one who inspired me to write this.

Hope y'all enjoy.


July 12th 2015:

Be warned. I started this story when I was FIFTEEN. I'm turning bloody eighteen this year and obviously my perspective on this story has changed. This story is no longer a priority of mine since I'm working on other stories - some serious ones, may I add - outside of Wattpad. This one's gonna be one of those kinds of stories that I'll run back to whenever I hit writer's block or feel like it. 26 Breakups is one simple plotted, cliche story, yet easy and fun to write. Thus, there will DEFINITELY be updates every now and then.

P.S. Please excuse my idiotic younger self with dumb grammatical errors.


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They've always said the good girl falls for the bad boy, or the other way around. The good girl wants a bad boy that would be good just for her, and the bad boy wants a good girl that would be bad just for him.

Yeeeeaaaah, hate to admit but, I kinda have to agree with that.

Because my name is Samantha Anne Rose; the once shy, sarcastic and quiet little girl in school. However, I wasn't a complete goodie-two-shoes, y'know. I mean, I didn't wear big glasses unless I really couldn't read something, and my fashion taste wasn't that bad either, just not likable for the majority of our society. I had every single Lord of the Rings line memorized and was quite the nerdy one in my small group of friends. So, apparently, that led me to being a goodie-two-shoes.


I never liked trouble and parties. God, I hated parties. Specially the ones with people eating each other's faces in the middle of the dance floor or biting the other's skin like a freaking zombie from "The Walking Dead" while doing whatever they do by some innocent wall. Ew.

And never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever once in my life did I get detention. Tactfully, that was the most interesting thing in my ah-so-amazing life.

Thus I guess all of this sorta led me to being unsociable, too. I never really got out my shell unless I was with my family and friends and them alone.

But then there was Aiden Walker; party animal, troublemaker and dangerous. Not dangerous like doing crimes and those kind of stuff. But dangerous with hearts. He could easily snatch your heart out of that chest of yours and simply throw it in a trash can.

He was definitely good looking, of course. He had these amazing, burning brown eyes that would make you melt down in less than a second every time they stared down at you with the passion in them. He had this dark-brown hair that looked so smooth and as soft as silk. All you wanted to do was run your fingers through that hair of his. Now, don't get me started with his delicious muscles...

Sweet baby Cupid.

The thing is, I've known this guy ever since I was eight years old. We went to the same school, which was the closet to our neighborhood, and yeah, we turned out to be neighbors when his family decided to move into this town.

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