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            Being in a 21+ club while you're underage seems like it would be any high schoolers dream. When my girlfriend told me she was throwing her 18th birthday party here at the Drunken Puffin, I was all types of excited! I haven't been to a good party in a few years. The last party I went to was the party I lost my virginity to one of my exes at, but that's a story for another time.

Unfortunately, now that I'm here I am probably one of the most miserable people here! Why? Well, my girlfriend hasn't given me any form of attention since we got here! Yeah we made out and finger fucked a bit on her party bus, but now she's grinding with every other bitch and chub wielding douche bag in this muthafuckin place except for me!

Sapphire Henderson just so happens to be my girlfriend. She's your average popular high school girl, nice body, beautiful eyes, obnoxious dyed carnation pink hair, and the main source of her popularity: she's the captain of the cheerleading team and has everyone eating out of the palm of her hands. Well that and because she's a fucking slut, but I'm gonna leave that part out because I'm not exactly Virgin Mary either. As if our relationship couldn't be anymore of a high school movie cliché, I'm the captain of the dance team so our popularity rankings are just about evenly matched only I didn't actually start getting hot until like the end of freshman year, while Saph started raking in her popularity when she was caught stroking this kids pee-pee in third grade on the black top.

Once I started getting popular she approached me personally, and said, if my memory serves me, "I'd rather not have to compete with you, so lets run this bitch together." And we've been together ever since, aka about 2 months ago when school started. She's a lovely girl when you get to know her! Insecurities out the wazoo, she can cook, always accusing me of cheating when she's obviously the one cheating, nice ass, abusive, never wants me to hang out with my friends or make any new ones, always wants to know where I am, but when I ask where she is I'm being a controlling bitch. Lovely isn't she?

So why am I miserable at an otherwise awesome party? Well, she's not allowing me to get any form of intoxicated, mainly because if I'm intoxicated I could actually grow a backbone and tell her to fuck off. I don't know what I'm so afraid of. Just kidding. I know exactly why I'm afraid of her. My father use to hit me a lot when I was younger, and fighting back was out of the question so I just use to cower and take it and I'd rather not relive my past by making her upset. But, then again I'm my own person I should do what I want, and not to mention I have all three of my older brothers here to back me up if she decides to start going crazy on me.

"Hmph, forget about that bitch." I mumbled to myself. I hit the bar to get the bartenders attention.

"Hey, bartender! Can I get some spiced rum over here? Put it on the birthday girls tab?" He nodded at me and poured me a double shot of some Captain Morgan. I looked at it then took it down like it was nothing.
"Mmmm that's good stuff. Is it possible for me to get like a lot of these?"

The bartender looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "How many would you like?"

"Hmmmm how about five?" I said while playing with my crop top. He nods and then sets five double shot glasses in front of me pouring more rum into them.

I smiled at him and then took each and every one in a matter of seconds. I felt myself getting a tad on the tipsy side after I was on my last shot, god I'm such a lightweight, but I certainly can't stop here! I hit the bar table ten times.

"Mr. Bartender sir! Can I get 10 of these?" The bartender shook his head with a chuckle and got five more glasses and refilled the ones that I already had.

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