Chap 28: I Just Killed Him

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A/N: Sorry for late update, I'll try my best to go back to the daily updates. Just some shit been going on and this chapter literally took me 6 fucking hours (I have a short attention span). Enjoy! :D -Ty

It's been exhilarating,exciting,heart-aching,tiring, but you loved it. You loved her. The heartache you get when she turns her back on you; The tiredness of the all the arguments; The exciting kisses; The exhilarating feeling you get just being beside her, But you love her, unconditionally.
You turn you head around, but the movement of your whole body was restrained by an arm holding you closely to her. So close as if you were her teddy bear and she had just suffered from a nightmare.
"RACHEL!" She screamed in horror, you winced in pain as your eardrums nearly exploded. Her eyes shot wide open, staring at you as if you were the cause of her terror. She shook her head repeatedly, you turned around to face her, cupping her face slowly furrowing your eyebrows in concern.
"Hey hey, what's wrong? Talk to me." You couldn't help but admit that it hurt you, Rachel still haunting Chloe in her dreams, and even yours.
"I just can't do this, I'm sorry, she just keep haunting my dreams, and everything and everywhere is about her and she isn't even goddamn HERE!" She pauses, now tears breamed in her eyes in despair, she tore away eye contact before speaking up again.
"She will be this wall between us, we won't be able to do ANYTHING and because of it! She will forever be this boundary and I can't stop it. Not unless..."
"We will find her, Chloe. I will help you no matter what, I will be with you all the way, I will stick by you when you need me. But please, don't blame her for our relationship-"
"This relationship is everything because of her!" She snapped back at you, you retreated you hands from her face and sat up quickly, glaring at her with so much rage you hoped it would burn holes in her.
"What are you saying Chloe? Am I just a, a rebound? Is that all I am to you?!"
"What? No! I'm saying that-"
"Are you okay- Chloe?!" Someone barged in your door, a familiar brunette stood there in her pajamas, holding the door, her lips agape. Crouching on your bed while Chloe lies down. Both of you snapped your head towards the doorway, seeing a flustered Max standing there.
"I-I heard yelling and I wanted to see if you were o-okay. Oh my goodness Chloe, you have no idea how worried we were." Max ran towards Chloe and hugged her tightly, Chloe lied there, limp with no emotion. As Max's arms were around her, her eyes were on you the whole time, not tearing eye contact, telling you something she couldn't say with words. You nodded and closed you eyes. leaning against the wall as you saw Chloe hug back Max.
"Where did you go Chloe...'' Max asked as she pulls away.
"I just needed to clear my head for a while, got hella stressed... That's all." Max nods as you just closed our eyes and tried to relax.
"Please close the door, you're letting the cold air in here..." You said, still slightly irritated of what just happened. Max did what you said before sitting on your couch. You opened your eyes again, only to see Chloe sitting on your pillow with her jeans on, you groaned in complaint and pointed at her like a child.
"No jeans on my pillow, thank you. Not at least when there's your drool all over it." Chloe pranced up and touched her bottom, relieved that she didn't feel anything she crossed her arms and sat down properly beside you. Feeling her flesh glide against yours, you shivered feeling how cold it was.
"Anyways, yesterday I risked my punk ass and snooped through David's files. Found bunch of stuff in it, coordinates, photos everything that could help us track Nathan Presfucker.''
"Alright, and we also need proof of whatever drugs he used and what time." You added, seeing Max point a finger towards the sky.
"All we need now, is Nathan's stuff, specifically his phone or anything that could tell us who he was contacting these past days. And the hardest one, Frank's logbook, probably also a logbook since drugs dealer's should have code names for their clients and shit.'' Agreeing with Max, you turned your head to look at Chloe, both of you nodded at each other.
"Ok, let's get to Nathan's first.'' Chloe says, pecking you on your cheeks and propping herself off of the bed. Max sees all this and can't help the snicker that formed on her face.
"Get a room you guys.''
"Um, technically,this is a room?" Chloe said, whipping her head back as she walks towards your closet looking for new clothes. Throwing some of your clothes on the bed,disappointed that she couldn't anything to her liking. She looks at your waist, seeing the familiar flannel shirt, she throws the clothes back into your closet. Cautiously walking towards you, she crawls to your direction. She slowly kisses you on the lips, you feel something loosen on your waist. Once you opened your eyes, you could see that Chloe was already putting it on. She pokes her tongue at you in a childish manner, you can't help but roll your eyes on her. Prancing towards her, you grabbed the beanie off of her head and put it on your head. Grinning to her as if you won this battle.
"You look hotter with that on, keep it on." She says.
"I could say the same for you, you look better without it."
"Well, thank you dear."She pecks you on the cheeks before straightening her attire.
"I'm going to leave you guys to play dress up, I'll go get ready in my room." Max says as she was already in the hallway. You walked towards her leather jacket, wrapping it around your frame, she wolf whistles at you. You turn around, only to have Chloe wrapping her arms around you and pulling you closer.
"Listen Chloe," You said, slightly pushing her away just enough for you to look at her in the eyes without her losing you from her grip. "I will do anything for you, and I will love you, unconditionally. So what if she haunts us, that is brought us together, and I hope that you will see that there's more to it than just a nightmare. Maybe she's, calling for you. And we will answer her calling, together.'' Only silence filled the air, you feel her face inching closer to yours. You expected her warm lips on yours, but only to see Chloe smirk at you.
"Did you just quote a Katy Perry song?" You hit her repeatedly on the chest, frustrated that she couldn't ever keep a serious moment. But that when you realised, she couldn't, because that's just the way she coped with stress.
"Yes, because I fucking love you." You smash your lips on hers, silencing her to whatever she had more to say. You feel her tongue push through your lips and started gliding it on your flesh. You wrap your hands around her neck, pulling her closer as she pushes it further. You pulled away, Chloe looks at you with furrowed eyebrows.
"What's wrong? Am I going too far?"
"Morning breath Chloe, Morning breath."
"You ass, admit it, you're not ready for this hotness."
"Oh I am, just not this early in the morning."
"Mmm." She hummed in satisfaction, placing her chin on your shoulder as she hugs you tightly, taking a whiff of her scent, you closed your eyes and enjoyed the serenity.

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