Chapter 23

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Stealing Hearts 7/20/13

Chapter 23

Niall’s POV

Her lips captivate mine in a rush. My world freezes only showing her and me. Nobody else is around in the world. My hands wrap around her waist bringing her closer to me. Her hands travel up my body around my neck. I beg along her bottom lip begging for entrance. She accepts letting her mouth open enough for me. She doesn’t even fight for dominance letting me take control. She moans deeply from the throat making me go insane. The girl I have fought for since I’ve been there is here in my arms. My arms are wrapped around her waist, as her hands are around my neck. This easily broken girl is in my arms ready to get fixed. She was kidnapped- how they hell is she here. I pull apart leaving her with a questioned expression.

“How the hell are you standing in front of me?” I ask completely baffled. She had a wrist brace on her wrist holding her sprained wrist from getting worse. She still had a small black eye, but still gorgeous as ever. She had on baggy clothes, making her more adorable by the second. Her hair was up in a messy bun that she didn’t care about. Her eyes sparkled more. It held more freedom and hope then it ever had.

“You should thank that girl Courtney out there. She-“ I ran out the room in a hurry. Slamming open doors towards the living room. As I expected, there was a girl with blond hair standing by couch. What I didn’t expect to see was a teary eyed Louis wanting to hug a carrot costumed Harry. Courtney wore an angel outfit, which by all means was correct to wear. She was an angel since she saved the girl I loved. I run to her hugging her from behind. I pick her up twirling her around while yelling ‘thank you’ over and over again. She just laughs grabbing onto my arms, making sure she doesn’t fall. The lads look at us weirdly trying not to burst out questions. Allison wanders into the room leaning against the doorframe with her good arm. She contains her giggles when she see’s me with Courtney.

“Let the poor girl down babe.” She tells me trying not to laugh when I pout. I let Courtney down steadily onto the ground. Louis and Harry both snap their heads at the girl leaning against the frame. They both have wide eyes and gapping mouths.

“Allison!” The boys screech running up to the broken girl. She screeches ‘no’ running away from my crazy mates. She has a smile on her face as she continues to run away. This might have been the first time I’ve seen an actual smile on her beautiful face. She holds one hand on her stomach protecting her ribs and as she gives each boy a soft hug.

“How the hell did you get away!?” Liam yells finally getting the fact that Allison must’ve escaped from her psycho parents. Allison points her index finger at Courtney who was trying to sneak away as soon as she heard the question. The rest of the lads run of to the poor girl yelling their ‘thank yous’. They’ve literally crushed the girl into a group hug. They suddenly start to lean to the left falling to the group. Different people let out different ouches of pain. Courtney just laughs it off standing up, climbing over each boy ignoring their groans. I circle my arms around Allison’s waist, as she leans her body against mine.

“Courtney snuck into the room saving me, and then called the cops so they took me to the hospital. Did you know I was only a few floors above you?” Allison questioned looking serious. They boys, who have gotten up off the floor, looked at the two girls in shock. She was a few floors above us and I didn’t know? I could’ve saved her?

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