Sakia P.O.V

*Alarm clock goes off*

OH! Another day another dollar, it's time for me to get up or I wouldn't.

After a minute I finally decided to get up and get ready for work. I went to my bathroom and turned the shower on and went back towards my room to my closet to pick out my clothes for the day. After I was done picking out my clothes I sat them out on my bed and began to undress and walk towards the bathroom again to get in the now warm shower.

20 minutes went by and I finally got out the shower and went over towards the sink to brush my teeth and did makeup. Then last but now least I untwisted my twists that were in my hair from last night with I did my natural wash mask. Yeah, I said it your girl was a natural hair gal !

By 7:15 I was ready to rock and roll to work ... wow lol that was corny.. but anyway off to work I go.

10 minutes later I hit the front door of my job opening the door ring and the warm heat hit my face I knew today was going to be an interesting day.

2 hours later

"Welcome to JaMocha Café" I said before looking up. When I finally did look up I saw a very special friend that I had made while working here. I call her Mama April and she comes to the cafe basically everyday ... to mostly talk to me and drink coffee but mostly to talk to me. Her most recent gossip talk with me is for me to be more out there. She said I was a prune who didn't like the word fun which wasn't true I was just so focused on living that I didn't see fun to be apart of it. I was happy if that counts for anything.

"Mama April now you know I am happy with where I am" I said to her for hundredth time today.

She just shook her head and said " You say that every time but every time I see you are ...". She stopped talk and looked around with her hand moving in a circular motion "HERE" she said in a annoyed voice

She did have a point. She interrupted my thoughts when she said "Have you ever even went to a CLUB?" in respond to her question I shook my head saying no, cringing my face for her outburst to happen.

"WHAT ?!?!?!?!" She yelled looking at me like I had two heads

"Shussshh Mama April it's not even that serious, I bet there is some people who haven't went to club in their life like me" I said only to in response get a laugh coming from her mouth

"Hahaha, No baby girl your probably the only one who hasn't" she said looking at me

Well maybe I was but I was ok with that. I didn't need to experience that as so I thought until now.

"OHHHH I have an idea" Mama April said while patting my arm getting my attention

Oh boy I wasn't ready for this ...

" I think since my son will be coming into town soon he would take you out and then take you to a club" She said smiling real big

I started to shake my head no till she popped my hand shaking her head saying "yes"

Sighing I finally gave in and said "ok"

She was soo happy she started dancing in her seat. Urggh I think this going to be a bad idea but what ever gets her off my case.. then so be it.

After a long day's of work I finally was able to clock out and go home. I was soo tired but I just couldn't get the conversation that me and Mama April had out my head.

First off I had never met her son or any of her sons. All I know is that she got two of them. One who she said was a entertainer and another who was in college. She said the one who I will be going out with is the entertainer... in some of her words of describing him she said he had a great 'wild-side' and he would be the best fit to show me a good time.

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