(24) ~ helping hand ~

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~ she's so beautiful.~ Tony thought to himself as he woke up slowly letting you sleep still. ~ Gibbs~ he thought looking at the blanket around him and one on you. You started to wake up. " morning" you said yawning. " morning" he replied back and gave you a kiss on the forehand. " now. Before you say what where doing today where doing your art shelf or desky thing" Gibbs said coming over now knowing that you both where awake. " deal" you say smiling. " ok I'll help" Tony says and pulls you up gently so your sitting next to him and his arm is around you. " how you feeling kiddo?" Gibbs asked puting his coffee mug away and he came over and handed you your clean Ncis jumper. " I put it through the washing machine while you where asleep last night" he said. " thank you" you said and sat up putting it on then laid back down again. " come on get up" he said and went down to the basement. " but I'm comfy here" you moaned and Tony laughed a bit. You grabbed the soft pillow from behind you and hit Tony with it in the arm. You smiled and jumped off the couch and followed Gibbs. " geez she's cheeky" Tony mumbled and followed. He sneaked down the stairs silently and saw you You there  already hammering down some nails on the boat and helping Gibbs. He creeped up behind you and he picked you up and twirled you around. You giggled and smiled then he put  you down. " here. Help" Gibbs said handing him a hammer. You all built the boat for about an hour and sung along to the songs on the radio while dancing to them to. " done. For now" Gibbs said sitting down and you sat down Aswell still singing along to the song. " you like this song hey?" Gibbs said and you nodded. " what's it called?" Tony then asked. " it's called danger zone. It's from the movie top gun" you say smiling as the song continues. " well. This song describes work" Gibbs said and you nodded agreeing. The song then ended and you sighed. " aww." You said and then the next song played. You sang along with that one to. " what's this one?" Gibbs asked. " sweet child o mine. Guns and roses" you and Tony both say at the same time. " you know this song?" You ask him and he nods. " alright enough karaoke let's get to work building the shelf " Gibbs said and pulled out some wood. " OOOH sweet love of mine" Tony sang along to you and you smiled and helped Gibbs. An hour later you had a shelf that looked amazing. " now for paint" Gibbs said handing you and Tony a paint brush. You dipped your two fingers in the paint and put the paint on your cheeks like war paint. You did the same on Tony and he laughed trying to stop you but you grasped his arms and did it. " alright come on" Gibbs said laughing. " it's on sweetheart" Tony said and dipped the brush in the paint and came to wipe it on you. " not these clothes" you say dropping the brush and running up the stairs. " go change then" he said and you ran off and pulled out an old pair of shorts and a white tank top on. " this will do" you say shrugging and put your hair in a messy bun then ran back. Tony was waiting on the other side of the stairs in the dark and he came out picking you up and pulling you over and smeared the paint down for leg. " wait you have a tattoo?" He said looking at the small dreamcatcher on your shoulder. " yeah. And here" you said showing your other shoulder and it had a mockingjay on it. " I never knew" Gibbs and Tony both said. " how could you not of realized?" I asked. " there always hidden" they both say. " oh right yeah" you say remembering you always have them covered. " continuing" Gibbs interrupted and you dipped the brush in the paint pretending to go for the wood but then you suddenly put it down Tony's bare arm. " pay back" you laugh and actually paint the wood now. He goes for your face and you cover your face . " not the hair" you say in protest. He grunted then looked at your wrist. " you have one on your wrist?" He asked pulling your wrist away gently and looking at it. " it's pretty. Like all the others" he says looking at a small music note. You smile and continue painting. After a while you all stood back and looked at it. " perfect" you say and look at yourself and then at Tony then at Gibbs. " you two should go get cleaned up" he says laughing. " you win." Tony says giving in. " I may have won. But I already won you so who cares" you say and hug his paint covered body. " don't touch the hair" you say as he goes for the hair then wraps his arms around your neck. " bags first shower" he  says and let go running up the stairs. " um ok?" you say and pack the paint up and the brushes. " you two make a great couple. I can see why he wanted you at Ncis the day after he met you" Gibbs said coming over to help. " the first thing he said once you came and went down to Abby's was how pretty you where. McGee even agreed" he said and you smiled. " I'm happy I met him. He's so nice and caring. " you say putting the brushes on the table. " if he ever says anything or does anything rude I give you permission to head slap him" Gibbs says. " head slap?" You ask confuse. " hit him in the back of the head with your hand " he explains and you chuckle a little. " ok. Will do" you said and finish and wash your hands. Gibbs sat down with a whiskey and started to paint his boat. " need any help?" You asked. " no I'm right. You go get cleaned up" he says still painting.  "Alright" you reply back and run up the stairs and to your room just in time as Tony opened the door. " your turn". He says holding the door open. " I got my own bathroom remember" you say closing that bathroom door and opening your room door and you close it and lock it. " oh yeah" he says and goes to sit on the couch. You have a shower and get all the paint of also washing bits of paint out of your hair, then you look at your skin. It was all red from where you where rubbing the cloth on it to get the paint of. You open up the Cupboard door and get some cream out made especially for that. You rub some on and in an instant the rash disappeared. You put the stuff back and hang your Towel up and keep the one on that your hair is in. You put your pajama pants and tshirt on and open the door and come out to watch the tv. You sit down rubbing the towel in your hair drying it. Tony looks over. " why is your hair wet?" He asked " paint" you replied and he smiled a little and rested back. You sat up and went back to your room and blow dried your hair then you combed it. You put it in a plait and came out again for dinner. You grabbed a real estate magazine as you walked up to the table and flicked through. " your not planning on moving out are you?" Gibbs said sadly. " no. Not for a while. I'm just flicking through. I like to look at all the old houses and see what's there " you say and eat your dinner while flicking. " oh ok" Gibbs shrugs and continues eating.

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