Where He Likes To Kiss You

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Kai - Kai loves to kiss you smack on the lips, he bites your bottom lip which you find incredibly sexy.

Damon- your neck because everyone knows damon is a neck person ;)

Stefan- you're nose and he finds it incredibly hot when you get angry about it, you secretly find this the cutest thing ever

Matt- Matt loves to kiss you're check, because that's just the kind of sweetie pie Matt is

Kol- Kol loves to kiss the valley in between your boobs and you always tell him off for telling people he loves to

Elijah- because elijah is a true gentleman he kisses you on the hand all the time, his favourite thing to do is run his soft lips over your knuckles and it makes you feel really warm inside

Silas- Silas is very possessive of things that he loves, so it's no surprise to you that he's so possessive over you and likes to show other people that you're all his. His favourite place to kiss is your thighs and he likes to bite them to just to show people you're his and only his

Klaus- klaus loves to kiss the small of you're back and he only loves it because it makes you really happy when he does this.

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