babies // one-shot

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- ONE SHOT // not mature -
(Juvia speaks in first person here.)

This is my first one shot... It doesn't make any sense but, meh. Whatever. "Fuck the world, be you."


50 Babies
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My heart. It shattered. Every bit and piece crushed without warning. I watched as the love of his life cried, surrounded by the pink roses hand picked by himself.

How do I know this? Because I watched him, being the stalker I am.
"Will you marry me?" He asked.
The girl cried and nodded her head while saying, "Yes, I will."

(1 week earlier)

"Are you serious?"
The girls in all of Magnolia were talking about the latest goss. Of course, who wouldn't want to know what was going on?


And I regret ever asking. I walk up to a girl who seemed to be writing a letter and sat beside her, hoping she could tell me what everyone was excited about. "Um.. What's going on?" I ask.
The girl looks up at me and I immediately recognize her. "Juvia?" She asks.
"M-Meredy?" She immediately embraces me in a tight yet I-Haven't-seen-you-in-years hug. "I haven't seen you since the Tartarus incident!" She nods and smiles at me, her mood already changing.
"I know, right?" Meredy sighs dreamily and looks at the ground. "What's wrong?"
She looks up at me as if I knew nothing, which I didn't and says "You mean you don't know?"
"Obviously not." I say boldly.
"It's Gray." She says. That name. I did not want to hear that name.

On that last day, he hugged me, cried (into my boobs) and just left without a word. I haven't seen him since and it has been 3 years.
"What about him?" I ask.
"What?! You loved him so much and you react so boldly like that?!" He shouts, but not in an angry way more like a shocked way.
"Um... Yes... I don't really like him anymore." I say quietly.
"Well there's been a rumor going around town and since you're in the Fairy Tail guild I would have thought you already knew." I was starting to get irritated. My eyebrows furrowed together and I stood up. "Stop beating around the bush Meredy. Please, just tell me what's going on."
She sighs, "Apparently Gray is returning to Magnolia tonight." My eyes widen.

"WHAT?!" I was shocked. So this is what everyone was talking about. I quickly hug Meredy and say "I-I'll be back. Not really." And run off. I run as fast as I can to the Guild and push the doors open with all my might. There were streamers and confetti and food everywhere and a big sign which hung above the bar reading 'WELCOME BACK GRAY!!!'

Everyone seemed to be preparing for Gray's return and when the others saw me, the immediately stopped what they were doing and looked my way.
"Juvia?" Mira asks. She looked different. The hair tie that was above her head has now vanished, her bangs hanging on the sides of her face and her hair tied up in a pony tail. She was still as beautiful as ever. She runs up to me and embraces me in a long hug. I am left shocked, so it takes a while for me to respond and hug her back.

"You look... different..." She says as soon as she lets go and I blush, "Says so yourself."
"Everyone was so worried, we had thought you left Fairy Tail!"
"Come on Mira, you of all people should know that I wouldn't." Stepping aside from Mira I notice Levy and Lucy behind her as they too embrace me.

"It's been so long." Levy says and Lucy nods. I walk up to the bar and greet everyone, apologising for my absence when I feel a certain Pink haired person glaring at me.
'I knew it' I thought, 'I knew this would happen.'

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