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I roll over and kiss him, “Then let’s be together.”

He smiled at me. We laid in my bed and kissed. He got on top of me and started to move his hand up my leg before eventually he getting into my pants. This time I didn’t stop him. It felt right. Then he takes off my shirt.

Breathlessly he asks, “Why are you wearing a hoodie?”

“I was cold.” I say before distracting him and getting back to the task at hand.

Pretty soon he’s in nothing but his boxers and I’m laying there in a t-shirt and my panties. He was so ripped and perfect. His eyes were a breath taking blue and I was so happy that he didn’t inherit his dad’s red hair and pale skin instead he got his mother’s dark skin and dark hair.  Pretty soon it happened. I was no longer a virgin and it was too a guy I really like. After we finish we got our clothes back on and both fell asleep.  I can’t believe how we didn’t get caught, I mean a bus isn’t exactly the most private place. I spoke too soon because before I could even get into a nice sleep Logan and I were both awoken by a cocky voice.

“What were you guys doing?” Logan’s little brother Jax asked as he peeked his head in the curtain.

“Jaxson!” Logan screamed in surprise.

“Were you...” his eyes widened, “I’m telling dad!”

Logan grabbed Jax’s arm before he could run away, “What do you want?”

“Chores.. for a month.” he paused and laughed slightly, “This is big.”

“2 weeks, remember I know what actually happened to that $300 vase mom got from grandma.” Logan smirked.

I chimed in, “I don’t think this is the best time to negotiate Logan.”

Logan hushed me with his finger and focused back on Jax, “Deal?”

Jax seemed furious, “Fine but only because you know what dad would do if he found out.”

Logan had a smile of success across his face, “Nice doing business with you.” and shook Jax’s hand.

I’m still freaked out and a lay back grabbing my hair. I was so stressed.

Logan noticed my look of concern and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“He’s going to tell!”

Logan gave a small laugh.

“Logan, stop!” I retorted, “My dad will kill me... and you for that matter.”

“Calm down Lexi. Jax will never tell.” he seemed so calm.

I became less tense, “How do you know?”

“If my dad ever finds out that my brother did not only lie about the vase but broke it himself my dad will set him straight. My brother would be mortified and humiliated for life if that happened on the bus.” he shrugged his shoulders, “He would never risk it.”

I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, “Okay.”

Logan puts his shoes on, he climbs out of the bunk, “We’ve been in here alone for too long. People will start to get suspicious.” he kisses me one last time before getting off the bus.

I really didn’t like all this sneaking around at all but Logan was important to me and I didn’t want to do anything to mess things up between us. After Logan left I took the nap I was initially trying to take in the first place. Only to be woken up an hour later by Danny.