Max and Eros

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Max and Eros:

            The water cascaded over my body, washing away my sweat from running, working out, and the heat of the day. I looked to the window from the open door of the shower and saw the night sky shining with stars. They looked as though they are winking at me, as if they knew what I had planned for my lover, Max.

            I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around myself and looked in the foggy mirror. My eyes shined with a green that illuminated my face as I thought about my lover, Max. I sighed with the thought of his name. I couldn't wait for our celebration, our one-year anniversary as a couple. Even though we can't get married, we still celebrate the day we made vows to love, honor, and protect each other. The simple thought of wanting to give him pleasure made my sex harden.

            It was straining against the lime green towel that was around my waist. I heard the front door to our house open and close, just in time; I thought. I walked from the bathroom to the hall of the foyer.

            "Eros, I had a bad day at work." He called down the hall for me to hear. I walked until I could see him carrying his suitcase in his hand and his other loosening the tie around his neck. I ran and jumped on him, tacking him to the floor. I placed my hands on either side of his head and leaned down to kiss him, but he pushed me off, like always, and stood up to resume walking to our... I mean his room. That's right, he kicked me out of our room so that he could work, see Max is a writer and his newest New York Times Bestseller, The Best Kept Secret of Granada Hills, became a hit, so he's being pressured into writing another novel.

            He says I keep distracting him, that I have no character in the plot. I was sad, because he keeps telling me that I am always a character in all his work; except for the Well Kept Secret of Granada Hills.

            I went to the door and knocked. I heard ruffling on the floor and knew he was coming to open it. As he stood in front of me with his beautiful face I couldn't help but smile. "Do you know what day it is today?" I asked hopefully.

            "Tuesday." He replied uncaring. My eyes widened at his reply. He forgot our anniversary. He closed the door in my face and I took a step back. He-he doesn't love me anymore. I frowned and felt my eyes stinging and my vision blur. Everything was supposed to be perfect today... Why is it like this? When did he change? When did he stop loving me?

            I let out a scream for my heart and started crying. I went to the kitchen and went into the spacious cabinet and cried, softly so no one could hear my tears and my heart being torn into two pieces. I picked up this behavior again from kindergarten when I would be alone. I would find a small dark area to stay and cry. I was the day Max found me one day that I became obsessed with wanting him to love me, maybe I am selfish like he said before. Maybe I deserve to hurt for being selfish and childish. I deserve this.

            I heard Eros' "I'm about to cry by myself" scream. I quickly wondered why he asked me the day. I looked at a calendar and saw today circled in red. At first I didn't understand until I looked at the month and the date. I had forgotten out anniversary. I stepped back and looked in the mirror to look at myself.

            When had I become this monster? When had I dad? When had I become that heartless monster that forgot everything that was important? I looked at my face and became disgusted with myself. I became so self absorbed that I hadn't shaved in weeks and my light mustache and beard were starting to grow in. I looked around to see that Eros' clothes and things were gone and I thought to myself, why? I thought and remembered that I had thrown him out of our room.

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