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Kira gets ready she throws on a cute short strapless silver dress. She's hoping Scott will like it but it's mainly because she always has to slay her looks.

"Kira can you hurry up?" Scott calls fifteen minutes after they were supposed to leave.

"Ok ok I'm sorry." Kira comes running down the stairs.

Scott stands there jaw almost on the floor.

"Do I look ok?"

"You look.... you look..."

Kira laughs and grabs hand "Come on" Kira pulls him out the door.

Scott gets in the car and drives to Malia's house.

When they get there Kira stops Scott before he gets out the car. "Wait I just wanted to say thanks."

"For what?"

"Everything." Kira kisses him.

They go in and everyone screams surprise only to figure out Kira knew about it.

"Scott, I'm never telling you another secret." Malia rolls her eyes.

"She just figured it out."

"Yeah whatever."

Malia pulls Kira to the side when everyone disperses.

"What's up girlie?"

"Did you and Scott have sex yet? I mean he had to want to bone especially with you in that dress."

"No I told him I wanted to take the physical part slow."

Malia swats Kira "Why would you do that? You know you want him."

"I mean I might want to later but I don't rush it."

"If you both want it, it's not rushing."

"I mean I want to but I already told him I wanted to take it slow. It's too late and he might want to wait too."

"First he's been looking at you like he wants to take you home since you got here and it's not too late. Are you crazy?"

"Malia chill, I will present the option at a later time."

"You better do it tonight."

"You're pressuring me more than Scott."

Malia sighs "Because this is the man you love and you guys want each other. I know because the chemo signals are strong."

"Stop smelling me, if it makes you happy I'll talk to him about it tonight."

"I'm just looking out for you."

"Ok now let's dance."

(The party was ending now. Liam and Hayden left and Lydia was heading out with her boyfriend.)

Kira gets up from the couch "Come on Scott, we should go home. These two look like they are about to pass out."


Kira hugs Stiles and Malia and then heads for the car, Scott follows.

Scott interrupts the silence in the car "So I heard your conversation with Malia?"

"Oh you did? Of course you did."

"Is it true? What she was saying about you wanting to have sex?"

"I guess but if you're not ready I understand."

"No, I mean I want you in that way so bad but I can wait until you're ready. You don't have to because of Malia."

"It's not because of Malia."


Kira kisses Scott's neck while he's driving. "I think it's cute you want me."

Scott presses harder on the gas speeding home. 


 Sorry for the short chapter. Exams are starting this week so it's harder for me to write

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