Chapter 29

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Still Blazes POV.....

3 weeks had went by and nothing had happened, she was still unresponsive.

"Blaze you have to go home go get cleaned up and get some sleep please" Aubrey pleaded but I just shook my head. I hadn't left her side since I got back. Seeing her for the first time broke my heart all those tubes and needles sticking out of her. She shouldn't be here she doesn't deserve to be here.

"You're no good to her when you're in this state Blaze. What happens if she wakes up?" Franko asked placing his hand on my shoulder.

"I have to be here when she wakes up" I whispered rubbing at my tired eyes. The only sleep I got was when I managed to doze of on the chair beside her bed. We still didn't have a lead on Vagos it was as if they had disappeared of the face of the earth. But mark my words when we get them I'll have all their heads on sticks. Word had spread fast about what had happened and everyone knew Franko Mendez was after blood.

"You'll be the first-...."

"I'm not leaving her" I growled cutting him off. No matter what we had been through or how badly I hurt her I wasn't leaving her side. If she wakes up and wants me to go then so be it but until those beautiful eyes open I was going no where.

"Leave him be Franko" Aubrey sighed "Do you remember when I ended up in the hospital? You wouldn't leave my side either".

"I need a smoke" He grumbled the door hitting the wall as he left.

"You really care for her don't you?" She asked taking the seat beside me. Care for her? I fucking loved her.

"More than anything" I sighed running a hand through my hair. If she would just wake up, or at least move a finger.

"I didn't know how I felt about you hanging around her all the time. Could say I was afraid the same would happen to her that happened to me. Ava is a strong girl Blaze and trust me when I say she'll pull through this" Taking my hand in hers she squeezed it tightly "If you care for her as much as you say you do then please fight for her. Show her that she can have a good life with you she deserves the world".

"For the first time in my life I'm scared" I said honestly. "I want nothing more than for her to be happy I just wish I was enough".

"You are Blaze you just got to show her you are. I know my daughter and the way she looks at you but she feels that she isn't enough for you and after you slept with that..."

"Please don't remind me" I groaned cutting her off. "I don't deserve her Aubrey but I can't seem to let her go. I've tried to forget about her but I always have her here" I said tapping the side of my head.

"You're right you don't deserve her but I know deep down she still cares for you. Don't give up on her this time Blaze because if you do you might not get another chance and don't break her heart again because you won't like the outcome this time. Now for the sake of my daughters health please go home and take a shower" She smiled slightly shoving my shoulder.

"You'll call if she wakes?" I asked getting to my feet. Bending over I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. I guess going 3 weeks without a wash wasn't a good thing.

"I promise and make sure they cook you something before you come back".

"Fine" I grumbled not wanting to leave her but what choice did I have?

Throwing herself at me she wrapped her arms around my waist. God she was just as little as Ava. "Thank you for always looking out for my baby. Her father and I really appreciate it even if we don't tell you. And Blaze you are good enough for her" She whispered placing a kiss on my cheek.

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