Hi! So this my second book and I hope it's good but if you don't like it please don't hate. This was made from the help of my awesome friend named jelsa_lover123.Check out her stories! Now on with the story!


Elsa's POV 

I'm currently making video with my sister, we're doing the condom challenge in my apartment bathroom. It's my turn to drop a water filled condom on Anna's head.

"Ready Anna........3.........2........1" I dropped on her head, and it stayed! " Anna I did it!!"

"AAAAHHHH GET IT OFF MY HEAD EEWWW" Anna yelled while I was trying to get it off. I finally got it off and Anna begged me to have drop it on my head again. She did it three more times and failed three more times, Which meant I was completely wet.

" Okay guys now I'm completely wet, thanks to Anna." I say slightly glaring at her but still looking at the camera since she's next to me. " I'll see you guys next week!! Pea-"

"Wait, Elsa can I do the outro?" Anna asked cutting off my famous outro. I said ' yes'. "PEACE OUT SNOWPEOPLE!!"

I laughed at Anna yelling my normal outro. Anna was all hipper today and I don't know why, it's a Sunday, Sunday means that the weekend is over. Since I'm all wet, I make Anna go change so I can change. I put on a loose light blue crop top that goes past my belly button, a pair of white jeans, and some light blue vans. Vans are my fav. I brush out my wet hair and do my normal French braid. No need for make up with my sister. I walk down my apartment stairs, go in to the Kitchen, and start making some sandwiches for lunch. Anna walks into the kitchen.

" Hey Anna, do you want peanut butter or ha- seriously that shirt again?" I ask Anna, She's wearing a shirt with the Viner, Jack Frost. She always wears it. It's white and has him smiling on it. She s also where a black high waisted skirt that shirt is tucked in to. With some white flats.

"What's wrong with it?! Did it get stained?!?!" She started to search frantically for a stain, but there isn't one. Except for him. I don't like, he stole my fan name. He calls his fans 'Snowballs'. Ugh

"There isn't a stain, but why are you wear it again?" I asked

"Because....... I'm going to go to........" Please don't say Digi tour please."....... DIGI TOUR!!!"

" WHAT?!?! Your not taking me with you." I said even though I know she gonna make me.

"Your coming, Mom and Dad said so." She said as she ate her sandwich, Mom and Dad let her go.....wow. When I was her age they wouldn't let me go to see One Direction

"How did they let you go?!?"

" I'm an Responsible Teenager." 

"Fine but I'm driving and I'm only going to the meet and greet." I said very strict.

" YAY! Rapunzel is coming too!!" She said all happy.

"Good, someone my age." I sighed relived. I ate my sandwich and had a Coke. Anna kept on talking about how much she can't wait to see them. Rapunzel soon got my apartment and we chatted a little bit.

"We need to get going, come on!" Anna said as she walked to the door. We took the stairs since I'm only on the third floor. We got my white Toyota Camery and got in. Rapunzel called shotgun, Anna was in the back, and I was driving. Here comes a crazy night, I need to prepare my self.


SOOO what ya think, it's only the First chappie. Next week or sooner will be the next chapter. Thanks Leah you helped a lot!!

Here's the ages


Anna- 16


Merida- 17

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