chapter 6

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Erza's POV:

I woke up this morning feeling a head on my chest. As i looked down i could see Lucy peacefully sleeping.

I sighed seeing her happy makes me happy. If anyone ever were to make her sad i will literally kill them. I looked over her shoulder to check the time, 7:00 am. Well since she is my new girlfriend I will make her breakfast.

Lucy's POV:

I yawned as i looked next to me. Erza wasn't there. Maybe i just dreamed that whole scenario. I knew it wouldn't be true.

As i got up i noticed a thin layer of smoke above my head. Whatever. WAIT SMOKE?!

oh no.

" FIRE! THERE'S A FIRE!" I screamed. Shit where's Erza if she is still in this house of course.
"Erza are you here? Erza where are you?!"
"Hehehe sorry for waking you up. I was cooking."

I mentally facepalmed my self as a sweat drop rolled down my face.

Five minutes ago

I had decided to make my feels nice to say that. We i was saying my girlfriend Lucy a beautiful breakfast in bed.

As I was thinking of what to cook for Lucy i realised i dont know what she likes to eat.
Shit. I mentally curse myself.

I guess i should just go for a simple bacon and egg maybe pancakes breakfast. I turned on the oven and greased it. Turning to the fridge i got out two eggs and cracked them open onto the pan.

Ok my craked maybe i accidentally smashed them on the pan too hard. The egg literally splattered everywhere. Oops. I dont think Lucy will mind that much.

As i was waiting for the eggs to cook i took out some flour and whatnot to make pancakes. I poured the flour into a large mixing bowl and the flour went everywhere. The tables, the sink, the spoons, and my face.

I sighed why is this so hard. I looked over at the eggs.
"Oh sh-" it was on fire . The whole thing. I don't think that Lucy will care about a couple of eggs right? As long as i have everything else.

I poured water over the pan. Also one of the worst ideas i had. Who doesnt know you cant pour water on electrical devices? Apparently me.

As i was saying so the fire was now even worse. I burned some of my hair.
"Sshh-" quickly i tan through th house looking for something to stop the fire

Nobody's POV:

Erza ran through the house throwing chairs and towels into the fire. Finally she found some baking soda and poured it over the fire. By now Erza was swesting a waterfall.

Erza finally finished cooking breakfast. By finished i mean burnt bacon kind of circular pancakes and orange juice. Also a rose to top it off.

Erza's POV:

I was cleaning up a little bit when i heard someone- sorry by someone i mean my girlfriend scream.
Then she started screaming my name.
She looked at me after she finished screaming. I scratched my neck at nervously giggled. I could see her facepalming.

I showed her the breakfast i made and she smiled. Damn that beautiful smile. I love her. She walked over to me and kissed my nose.
"Thanks for the breakfast babe, but we should probably leave the cooking for me or Mira.ok?"
I nodded embarassed.

"You probably shouldn't eat anything. We should just go out to eat." i said looking down. She lifted my chin so that i was looking at her.
"Babe that was so cute. Why would i not eat your breakfast? I will eat anything you make because if you made it that means it is better than any meal i could get a five star resteraunt."

That was the most beautiful speach I've ever heard. I kissed her passionately.

Lucy's POV:

Best girlfriend ever. Erza you don't know how much i love you.

Hi guys i know this update took a long time. Sorry. I actually have no excuse except im a lazy potato. Also if you guys have any ideas please comment because i actually running out of ideas. Love you guys.

- TheVampireUnicorn

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