chapter twenty-five // hearts against your chest.

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Louis' POV

We all sit around the venue backstage, everyone on edge. Summer's new appearance as caused this whole new atmosphere to keep everyone on their toes. Anything we do, we make sure Summer's not around the corner, just in case.

And don't even get me started on Mia and Summer. It's like watching two lionesses defend their den. Harry and Niall find it absolutely hilarious, but the rest of us are waiting for a disaster to happen.

Usually Mia and I sit around and talk before it's time for us to go on stage, but she's off with Lou somewhere. The only thing she's said to me today was to ask me if I thought she could take Summer if necessary.

I'm just praying to god that it doesn't go that far. Because honestly, I have no idea who would be the winner of that match. I'd say it's pretty even; and even fights are the worse types.

Harry's telling something funny to Zayn; something that Summer obviously doesn't find very funny because two minutes later, she's raising her voice at Zayn again.

We all were hoping they got their screaming out last night. The fact that Summer's vocal chords are still working is a wonder to me. That girl has a set of lungs on her. I've never heard such an intense fight in my entire life. Liam asked us all a million times whether he should interfere because he was scared someone was going to end up in jail.

I never understood Summer and Zayn's relationship. It's like they're soul mates but arch enemies at the same time. It's exhausting to even watch them.

"Time to get ready boys!" Tyler claps his hand as Lou and Mia return into the room, ready to help if we have any wardrobe malfunctions.

I catch Mia's eyes as Summer approaches Lou and her. She grits her teeth and I have to suppress an amused smile.

Who am I kidding, I think Mia could easily take Summer...

When we get in the dressing room, Zayn slams the door so hard that it nearly falls off it's hinges. We all turn and give him a shocked expression as he strips out of his clothes with a bitterness I've never seen before.

"She's driving me fucking mental," He hisses at us, looking far more stressed than I've ever seen him before.

"You guys are just in a rough patch. You'll get through it, you always do," I tell him, shrugging out of my comfy clothes.

"I don't know, mate," Zayn shakes his head.

The rest of us all give each other looks of worry. Is Zayn really considering breaking up with Summer? The mere thought alone is enough to make me want to lock myself in my room for the rest of the year. That will be World War Three for sure.

"You know what you need? A night out!" Harry suggests, being the first to break the tense silence.

Zayn doesn't respond but the others all nod in agreement. It's been awhile since we've been out anyways - well if you don't include my little breakdown when I met Heidi...

"Definitely! You and Summer both just need to get trashed and you'll forget all about these problems," Niall agrees; he's always up for a fun night out. That kid can party harder than anyone I've ever seen.

Still Zayn stays silent, obviously still lost in his thoughts, which is understandable. But he didn't shoot down the idea...

"Alright, it's a plan then!" Harry claps his hands together excitedly, a new pep in his step.

I suppose this will raise all of our spirits that have been brought down by Summer's appearance. And hopefully it'll actually work like Harry and Niall are proposing because a breakup is the last thing we need to deal with at the moment.

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