9. Still Steady

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*6 months later*


I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me. It was New Years Eve, we were supposed to be going to a penthouse party in a few hours. I went into my room and put on some simple house clothes. I threw my hair in a messy ponytail and I decided to start on my makeup.

I left my face looking natural and since it was an extravagant event. I wanted to look nice. I was stressing because this would be the day Rome would actually show me to the world. News reporters, the whole nine would be there.   I pulled out a long black dress with a high slit, and a cleavage cut. Then I pulled out peach Loubitin pumps and laid them on the bed. My phone rang loud throughout the room and I went to grab it. "Hello?"  I said quickly knowing it was Rome. I hadn't seen him lately due to our schedules. "Hey baby. Are you almost ready?" He asked. He had a certain confidence to his voice that I hadn't heard before. "I just have to put these clothes on. Wait in the lobby for me." I said as I started to lotion my skin. "Grand premiere I see?" He joked and I laughed. "Uh huh. Call me when you get here." I said with a smile on my face. "Alright. I can't wait to see you." He spoke before hanging up. I stepped into the dress and slid it up. I made sure I didn't mess anything up while putting it on. I decided on a thin gold bracelet and I didn't really need a purse.

My phone vibrated and it was a text from Rome

Babe 🏀❤️👫: I'm here ma 😏.

I smiled and slipped on my shoes and buckled them and then I made my way out of the condo. "I'm telling you I'm right here baby." My neighbor flirted as I stepped out. "Bye Tyriq." I laughed as I locked my door and went to the elevator. I pressed the button for the ground floor and waited as it took me down.

The doors opened and I seen Rome's back facing me as I stepped out. He had a black button up with black slacks and loafers. His hair was freshly cut. He turned around as he heard people tell me I was beautiful and what not. He instantly licked his lips and walked up to me. I hugged him and kissed his lips. I missed him and I know he missed me just as much.

"You look beautiful Mone." He smiled as he fixes my hair. "You don't look bad yourself." I said as I rubbed his face. He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. "Oh this is a new one?" I smiled looking at him. "Special events only." He said looking down at me. He opened the door and I stepped in, making sure my dress was okay. He closed the door and I waited for him to get in.

"You gone have to stay by me tonight. Ion need no nigga in yo ear." He smiled and I laughed. "You know me. I don't even look at other niggas. I only liked you. In my lifetime, I never liked anybody else. You special Hun." I spoke smiling as I looked out the window. He was cheesing hard and I was laughing on the inside.

When we arrived there was paparazzi everywhere. They started flashing as soon as Rome got out of the car. He opened the door for me and grabbed my hand as I stepped out. I smiled up at him and we started to walk inside the building. He gave Valet his keys and we went on inside. We followed the greeters who showed us to the private elevators for the penthouse floor. They waved their card and pressed the button in order for the doors to open.

When they did, Rome let me walk in first and he followed behind. When the doors closed he grabbed my waist and I put my hands on his shoulders laughing. I felt his hands inching down and I hit him. "Stop trying to be slick." I said as rubbed his face. "Oh. You feeling me tonight?" He said shocked. Due to the fact that I'm feeling on him which I rarely do. "I like it when you're dapper." I said before pecking his lips. "But next year we attending a regular New Years party where I can be comfortable." I said showing him my heels. "I feel you on that one." He said smiling. When the elevator stopped, he grabbed my hand, ready to walk out into the crowd of people.

First person we ran into was Kevin Durant. "Wassup Rome!" He said as they did a bro hug. "Nothin much man. This is my lady Simone." He said introducing me. "Hello." I said smiling and shaking his hand. "You look familiar. Seen you online somewhere." He said looking down at me. "Most likely my online store. I model most of my clothes." I spoke smiling. "My niece shops there all the time." He smiled. "Well it's nice meeting you Simone. Y'all have a good time." He smiled while excusing himself.


The baby shower is in two days. I'm small but my stomach is very noticeable. I already know the gender of the baby but Amar'e doesn't. He hasn't been around a lot due to away games and meeting with different coaches. It's taking a little toll on me because I'm dealing with this house by myself. Sorta feel like a single mom, because when he is here he's in another room.

I walked into the kitchen and fixed a bowl of cereal. I carried it to the couch and turned the tv to cartoons since it was late. After the first show passed Amar'e ran down the stairs with a mug on his face. "Yo. Why the tv so damn loud?" He asked snatching the remote. "The way you sleep I thought it wouldn't be a problem. My bad." I said before putting another spoonful in my mouth. "I need to rest Kali. Please take yo ass to bed." He spoke as he started towards the stairs. "You need to rest? How about me? I'm the one who ain't been sleeping good! I can't get comfortable for shit, my feet swell up all the time, sometimes I have back pains, sometimes I spend a lot of time throwing up shit my baby don't like, I'm at the doctor by myself, and when I'm there, everybody have their partner. But you need a rest? You get all the sleep when you traveling staying the nights at a hotel. Got me up wondering if you alright cause you don't text or answer calls. Fuck you and yo rest. Hope one of those deals keep you warm at night. I'm sitting here continuing on with my classes so I can make a living for myself, and I clean this house, and I make sure my piece of the bills are paid. You acting like I ain't pregnant and I'm spazzing for no reason. You ain't been here for me! I'm so done with you, talking bout you need yo rest ." I said putting my bowl on the table and walking up to him. I pushed him out of my way and went up the stairs. "Kali calm down. You gone hurt yourself and the baby." He spoke while putting his hand on my back. "I am calm! Get yo hands off me. Your son and I will be just fine." I spoke moving his hand and walking into my room. I slammed the door behind me and plopped down on the bed.


I feel shitty. I was being selfish and I realized it after she listed all her problems to me. She still keeps the house spotless, she works to pay half the bills, and she manages to pay for her classes; some online and some in class. I'm so caught up in these deals that I forgot about my first two priorities. Her and my son. I can tell that her pregnancy is emotionally horrible because I'm not there to help her. I actually sleep in this room because I didn't want to disturb her but she's needed me all along. She didn't complain when I said I had to go to this state or that one. She ain't complain when I had away games. But I'm here complaining about rest. I'll just conference call with these people because, she and my son gotta come first.


We were sitting on one of the many couches sipping on the champagne that was on the table. "You enjoying yourself?" Rome asked while looking at me. "Yeah I'm good. Just ready to go." I said. It was 11:58 so I wasn't stressing too much. "Yeah me too. We just staying for the countdown then I'll take you —".  He started before getting cut off. "Hi I'm Jalenna, you must be Simone?" This fake ass heifer spoke sticking her hand out. "Yes I am. Nice to meet you." I said smiling back genuinely and shaking her hand. "Hey Rome. How have you been?" She smiled looking at him like a piece of meat. "It's Jerome. And I've been absolutely great Jalenna." He said with a hint of spite. I grinned a little and sipped on my glass a little more. "So, Jalenna. What do you do?" I asked keeping conversation. "Well besides reality tv, I own a hair store online. I'll give you the website. You should try it." She smiled handing me a card. "Oh no, I'm okay. I am an advocate for Her Hair Company. I'm sure you've heard of it. But, it was very nice meeting you." I spoke while standing. Rome stood and followed as I walked to the Window wall showing the city.

We started our 10 second countdown and Rome snatched me up by my waist and placed a deep kiss on my lips. "Happy New Year baby girl." He said as he pulled away. "Happy New Year Rome." I smiled as I grabbed his hand. We left the party and headed back to the lobby.

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