Tell Me Why. . .

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They say to read between the lines

And look for the truth untold

Somehow - I always seem to miss the signs

There are so many things I do not know

Past mistakes that I've made

Are never really in the past

Over time, you'd think the print would fade

But, the ink is permanent and made to last

So tell me why. . .

The hard work never pays off

Everyday I try. . .

To prove myself and show what I'm made of


It's there clear as day


I go to sleep and fly away

So tell me why. . .

The last pages are always unwritten

Everyday I cry. . .

Praying and wishing to be forgiven


Make the print a little easier to read


The pain and write a guide for me

So tell me why. . .

It's already been one year

Everyday I sigh. . .

Wishing that you'd give in and come over here

Tell me why. . .

All the gaps are so hard to bear

Speak and don't deny. . .

Open your lips and say you care


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