Chapter 23

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Today was the day we go to the party. The school was closed again so i had woken up late. I had a shower and got dressed leggings and a tank top and went downstairs to the kitchen.

I made pancakes for myself and ate them and then went to the living room where the boys were. I sat down next to carlos and looked at him.

"What time is the party" i asked him

"At 5" he said and i nodded and watched avengers.

It was 4.30 and i went upstairs to my room.

I had a quick shower and got dressed in a black dress with red leggings. I did my make up smokey eye and red lipstick and wore black boots. When i was done putting my hair in a ponytail i went downstairs to see carlos leaning on the front door.

"Ready" i said and he looked up.

"You look beautiful" he said and helped me wear my coat.

"Thanks" i said as we walked out in the snow. There wasn't much of it left though.

We drove to jasmines house and it was huge. There was red cups everywhere on the lawn already and it was only 5. Normally a party would be after 8 or so but shes a different person. Shes has to be different i thought sacarstically.

We went inside to see it the make shift dance floor packed.

"Oh i see skylar" i said to carlos and started walking threw the crowd. I walked to the food area where skylar was.

"Hey skylar" i said

"Hey do you want a drink" she said and i nodded

"Vodka." I said and she raised her eyebrows but gave me one shot. I gulped it down and asked for another one.

"Lets dance" skylar said and i nodded and we walked to the dance floor. We swayed our hips side to side and someone put their hands on me and i turned around to see carlos.

"Wanna play a game" he said and i nodded. He held my hand and walked upstairs to a room and we went inside to see about 12 people including jasmine.

"So now that everyone is here lets start" jasmine said looking at me and stood next to carlos.

"Whats the game" i asked

"You have to carry this card around the circle and who ever drops it has to drink a shot" a random guy said and i nodded

The card started opposite me and it went on the right side. The card was in jasmine's mouth and she passed it onto carlos. Carlos turned to me and i kissed him and he droped the card and kissed me back.

"Carlos take a shot" some guy shouted and carlos got a shot from the middle and took it in one shot.


I was a drunk. The game became boring quickly and me and carlos had gone down. We were dancing when i went to get a drink.

I went to the kitchen and drank some water to stop the room spinning. When i was done i turned around to see jake.

"Oh hey jake" i said leaning on the fridge

"Your drunk" he said

"No i'm not.. byee" i said walking out the kitchen.

I stood next to the wall and looked at the dance floor to see carlos and jasmine dancing together.

I'm not even gone for a second and he has moved on i thought as jasmine pushed him on the wall and kissed him. I waited to see if he would push her away instead he wrapped his hands around her waist and picked her up.

"Liya. There you are" jake said behind me

"Can you take me home" i said and he was shocked but nodded.

He held my hand and walked me out the crowd. I sat in his car and he drove me to carlos's home. When we got there he parked the car and turned to me.

"You know i love you right" he said

"I know" i said and he leaned forward and kissed me.

I pushed him away

"Jake don't" i said sighing.

"Liya. I saw what carlos did. I tired moving on and i just can't forget you. Please liya" he said holding my hand.

"What do you want me to do jake" i said and closed my eyes.

"Be my girlfriend once again" he said and i saw up straight and looked at him.

"Jake. I'm not that drunk okay." I said laughing at him

"Liya. Carlos cheated on you with jasmine. And i want you back liya" he said

Carlos did cheat on me. And this is just a bet...though i did like him. But i waited to see if he would push her away but the asshole kissed her back. I thought to myself.

"Fine" i said to jake and he looked shocked.
What can't i make carlos pay i thought.

"Really liya. Thanks i love you" he said and hugged me.

"Byee" i said and got out the car and went inside. I went straight to my room and changed into my black onesie and washed my makeup off and went to sleep thinking.

Time for mission: ignore asshole
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