4. On Carter Street

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      September 3rd
    Agents A. Harris and K. Masters left a piece of evidence uncovered when using Special Operations tactics. Agent R. Harris took notice.

      Ch. 4: On Carter Street
      Date: September 3rd

Aaron and Kyle. The two names were almost always associated with each other; those two were basically inseparable for their whole entire lives. It was ridiculous. 

       Personally I didn’t even understand why they were friends in the first place; the only thing they had in common was being good-looking heartthrobs of their schools.

       It was annoying to see them together all the time. Although I’m biased, I suppose. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the shenanigans those two pulled on me. In fact, that dreaded weekend where everything changed is one where they decided to pull another one.

       One that I won’t forget.

           .          .          .

       “I cannot believe I let you do this.” Trying to keep the annoyance out of my tone is harder than I thought it would be. Determined to keep my voice leveled, I shift my gaze away from the hard concrete to glare at Aaron. 

       To my surprise he glares back. “Do what? You mean try to get you to have fun?” 

        “Yes, as a matter of fact, I think that is what I’m referring to.”

       Aaron’s voice becomes sarcastic. “Well, I’m sorry. Next time I’ll just leave you in your room to cry yourself to sleep like you usually do.”

       I hold back the urge to scowl and think about arguing that I don’t actually cry myself to sleep, but instead I chose to say, “That would be great, thanks.” I consider those words to be the end of the conversation and turn my face back to the road ahead of me.

        My eyes scour the area for more light. The dark street that we walk on is illuminated by only one street lamp per block. I have to pay close attention to my footsteps to make sure I don’t end up on the floor. Or crash into a mailbox. 

       Soon my impassive expression turns into one of confusion as I stare ahead. The streets are strangely empty, but I can’t remember why.

        “I just don’t get you, Rachel,” continues Aaron. A frustrated sigh escapes my lips but Aaron doesn’t seem to care. “You don’t even try. It’s like you want to be an outsider. Is that what you want?”

        I spend a few seconds trying to figure out a response. Then, “What if it is?” Pulling my hands out of my pockets, I wrap them around myself to try adding some warmth to my arms. The cool air stings me as we breeze past the next lamp post.

         “Look, we’ve had this conversation a million times,” I say, staring straight ahead. “And I don’t understand why we keep having it over and over again. I told you already. I don’t care what people think of me.” 

        “Yes you do.”

        “No I don’t.”

       There’s nothing but silence for the next few seconds. I assume Aaron is finished by then, but from my peripheral view I can see that Aaron’s jaw is clenched hard enough to break it. That’s when I know he's about to say something I’m not going to like. 

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