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Temperance Miller, 

We been home for a few weeks now and everything is going great like all three shops are doing amazing and my daycare is doing good as well.

"Ant stop bumping my marshmallow." I said as we roasted our marshmallows for our S'mores.

See he picked on me and called me white and everything else when I brought this electronic S'more maker but he use it more then I do.

"See you tried to carry when I first brought this but look at you."

"You still white." He said before eating one of our finished products.

"How you gone say that? Like you use it more then me."

"Yeah but I didn't buy it so therefore I'm still black and you are white."

I turned my face up in confusion and just looked at him. This nigga something else like the fuck kinda of shit is that.

"You just gotta understand baybeh and plus I been black longer then you so I have the power to revoke your black card baybeh." He said before turning the maker off.

I just looked at him and took my two two S'mores and walked in the room.

We had only made four because last time we made ten and only ate two and when we put the rest up Coty got to them and we had to take him to the vet and make sure everything was good but he had caught warms in his stomach from the chocolate. But luckily he good now.

I sat on the bed and ate my S'mores while scrolling through my camera log seeing what I can delete to make more room in my storage.

While scrolling I ran across a picture of me that Ant most have took because it's was a off guard picture and I'm not talking about the planned ones.

"You was looking so damn good." He said kissing my neck.

I looked back the picture and just studying it. Not trying to figure out where we was at but more so trying to find what's so attractive about the picture in Anthony's eye.

Like my stomach isn't as flat as it could be, my thighs rub together when I walk or run, and my breast aren't like they should be. I just don't get where he's getting the attraction from.

"What's wrong?" He asked looking me in the eyes.

"Nothing but I plan to go to the gym." I said looking at him.


"I need to lose weight."

"Your fine just the way you are baybeh but if you want to lose weight go ahead. It's your choice." He said kissing down my neck to my shoulders.

I honestly want to have sex with Ant since we haven't had sex since we came back from our honeymoon a few weeks ago but I just can't like my stomach is getting bigger, so are my thighs, and even my butt. I'm not understanding but then again like my mama said it's probably since I eat so much junk food and don't even think about a gym.

"Can we wait." I said moving away from him.

"Why you been so insecure lately baybeh? Why you acting as if you scared for me to see your body?"

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