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Imagine being at your first M&G at Hyde Park in London, to meet some of your favorite youtubers, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg, Finn Harries, Jack Harries, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Tyler Oackley, Marcus Butler and Louise. You're nervously walking in the park, towards them, there's already many fans there to meet them and they're all looking so happy, including the lovely youtubers. You then lay your eyes on Joe, and he looked absolutely breathtaking. You were secrectly in love with him, but no one knew, only your best friend Hannah. You were now so close to them, you felt your heart beating so fast and you're knees getting a little weak, especially when you could hear Joe laughing, you loved that laugh. It was your turn, and you nervously walked towards them, first one standing in front you was Zoe. She looked so cute and adorable. "Hi love, how are you?" she asked smiling sweetly at you. "Fine, thank you, how are you?" you asked back, sounding so nervous. As you got to say to them all, you then only needed Joe. "Hi there!" he began to say, smiling ever so lovely at you. "Hi" you replied nervously. "Joe love, be kind now, she's a little nervous the darling" Zoe then said to Joe. "I haven't done anything, I'm just standing here smiling" he said adorably. "But still, be kind" Zoe said smiling. "Here you go sweetheart" Joe said, now giving you his autograph on a picture. "Thank you" you replied, now walking away. You stopped up, just to look at them all one last time. As you stood there, Louise could tell you really wanted a picture with Joe so much, but you were too nervous to ask. "Chummy, come with me!" Louise then said to Joe, as she pulled him by the arm. They walked over to you. Louise smiled sweetly at you, as did Joe. "You want a picture with Joe chummy?" she then asked you with a smile. You nodded nervously. "Oh no, why not with Louise? I look horrible in pictures, look at my face, it's not meant be on photos" Joe said adorably, doing a silly face. "Chummy, don't be silly, stand next to your beautiful girl, then I'll take the picture" Louise said, smiling at you. Joe then walked over to you. "Should I wrap my arm around her? What should I do?" he asked Louise adorably. "Haven't you been a picture before with a girl chummy?" she asked him with a smile. "Yes, but I'm nervous, now you're standing there with the camera" he replied being ever so sweet. "Chummy, just wrap your arm around her and stop being silly" Louise ended saying with a smile. Joe then placed his hand on your waist. You felt him pulling you a little closer to him. "Smile lovelies!" Louise said and you both did. "Thank you" you said to Louise. "You're welcome chummy" she replied smiling at you. "Let me see how awful I look" Joe said. You all looked at the picture. Joe did a disgusted face, as he looked at the picture. "Chummy you look lovely, doesn't he?" Louise replied, now looking at you with a smile. You nodded, as you felt yourself blushing. "Aw" they both said. "Well this is getting awkward now, so we'll let you go home now" Joe then said with a laugh. You got a hug, and then went home.

You're sitting in the living room at your parent's house, reading a book, as you now suddenly can hear a familiar voice in the kitchen. You walk in. Your heart skips a beat, as you see Joe there talking with your brother Simon. "Oh, hi!" Simon said to you. You looked so confused. "What's this? You know each other?" you asked confused. "Actually yeah, I've just told Joe about you" Simon replied. This was wonderful news, even though you didn't really understand it. Simon then looked at Joe. "Could you maybe do something for me?" he asked Joe. "Sure thing" Joe replied sweetly. "First of all, I know this is going to sound absolutely insane, but could you kiss my sister? If you don't feel anything, we'll all just move on" Simon asked him. He knew about your feelings for Joe. "Simon!" you said surprised. Joe looked surprised himself, but he did find you attractive, so he was on board with it. He nodded. "Great, I'll leave you two alone" Simon said smiling. You and Joe were both quiet at first, and were just standing there looking at each other. "Come on, just do it!" you could hear Simon saying out loud, now appearing in the kitchen. Joe then slowly walked towards you. You felt so nervous, as did Joe. "This is crazy" Joe told Simon, as he waited for you two to kiss. "No it's not, not when my sister loves you" Simon replied, smiling at you. You immediately blushed and felt like crawling under your bed. "Aw" Joe said sweetly, now looking at you. "Just kiss her!" Simon told him. "Could you look at me?" Joe asked you kindly, while sounding nervous. You did. Both your heart and Joe's were beating so fast now. "Joe she's waiting" Simon said smiling. "I know, I'm nervous here" Joe replied adorably. He took one deep breath, and then got a little closer to you now. "Maybe you should make the first move? I'm nervous" he suggested, being so sweet. "Ok" you replied. He then closed his eyes, and waited for you to kiss him. You were so nervous, but for some reason Joe was more. He nervously bite his lower lip. "Oh my god!" Simon said in the background from the waiting. Suddenly you then placed your lips on Joe's. It felt perfect to you. "That wasn't too hard, was it?" Simon said smiling. Simon then finally left you alone. "So, you want to go get something to eat?" Joe asked you. You nodded, and then went out on a little date with Joe. 

The end!

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