The Characters Pt.2

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Ashlynn Ella:

Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella and a friend to Briar and Apple. She has a fondness for shoes, collecting lots of them. She seems to have a personality similar to Apple and Briar.

Blondie Lockes:

Blondie is the daughter of Goldilocks and a friend to Apple and Briar. She owns a magic mirror, seems to be a gossip girl, and is bubbly and social. She often butts into Apple's and Charming's "relationship" (friendship).

Daring Charming:

Daring is the son of a Prince Charming, and seems to be quite egotistical. He takes pride in being handsome.

Madeline Hatter:

Madeline is the daughter of Mad Hatter, and is best friends with Raven. She is eccentric, and has a fondness for tea parties. She also likes to break the fourth wall, and is the only person to interact with the narrators, as only she can hear them because of her madness. She is reasonably happy with her destiny, seeing as it has to do with tea, but is fond of the idea of rewriting.

Cerise Hood:

Cerise is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. She seems to have wolf or werewolf like properties including a bark, which she hides from the students of Ever After High. She is said to have a dark secret (note the wolf-like characteristics). She may or may not have the resemblance of names of Cedar Wood's on purpose.

Cedar Wood:

Cedar is the daughter of Pinocchio. She is clumsy and ditsy as well as talkative (Ina way that's typically 'shy about lying'). She appears to be made of wood. Cedar also appears to have a nose that doesn't grow on account of being shy to lie. She wears acorns for earrings, a ring, and a bracelet on her left-hand-side wrist, having wooden themes, of course. Also, by the sound of her full name, she may or may not been given that name by the creators to resemble Cerise's full name. Her father's name also may or may not be "Wood" by this, as well.

Dexter Charming:

Dexter is the other son of Prince Charming. He has a different personality than his brother Daring, and he seems to be much more sown to earth. He has a crush on Raven.

Hunter Huntsman:

Hunter is the son of a huntsman (presumed to be the one from either Little Red Riding Hood or Snow White). He is slightly boastful and easily annoyed. He is secretly dating Ashlynn Ella, though he is not a prince, nor a part of her story. That makes them rebels - not agreeing with legacy rules.

Lizzie Hearts:

Like her mother, the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland, Lizzie is a Royal. She is happy with her destiny and doesn't want to change it even though she is a villain in her story. She has the same signature line as her mother which is "Off with her head!". Lizzie also has a singular British accent like her mother, judging by her line in "Stark Raven Mad", and has a heart-shaped birthmark or tattoo over her left eye.

Kitty Cheshire:

Kitty is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from Wonderland. She has the same power as her dad which is disappearing into thin air, leaving just her smile behind. She is also the roommate of Madeline Hatter and is shown to be quite mischievous. She appears human with pale skin, pale-lavender and extremely-pale-purple of a fair shadee and/or tone, with twin tails that appear to be held by ponytail-holders, at the sides, a cat's head/face hat on her hair; long, pointed polished fingernails, facial-blush (or naturally rose cheeks), a human's   nose; thin, medium-brown eyebrows; grayish-bluish, catlike eyes  ( not slits, but in color-wise), and wears a dress that appears as a top and miniskirt. She also wears maroon colored lipstick similar to Raven's, and wears longish, shortish length earrings on her human-like ears on the sides of her head. She also has light eye-makeup, and appears to have a taste for rodents like most-common felines, and properly like her father. This action of "rodent-taste" is only shown in "Stark Raven Mad". She also wears a devises smile, appearing-ly no fangs; she speaks in a light-pitch, very-girlish voice, and seems to appear to be friendly with Lizzie Hearts.

Headmaster Grimm:

Headmaster Milton Grimm is the one who founded Ever After High. He doesn't want anyone to question their destiny because if they do they and their stories will "cease to exist". He has a brother, Giles Grimm who is locked up in the Vault of Lost Tales under the school.


The narrators talk through the web series of Ever After High. One is female, and is on the Royals side, and the other is male and is on the Rebels side. The two regularly bicker over the video, and Madeline often talks to them, as she is the only character to be in contact with them.



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