Chapter 5

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I watched my house disappear as we drove farther and farther away from it. I'm going to miss that house.

The drive to California was the worst drive I have ever been on. I get really car sick, so I spent most of the trip throwing up.

Getting out of the car felt amazing. I can finally feel my legs.

I looked around my new house. As I walked in, I saw a stair case to my right and an empty space in front of me. I walked toward the empty room and looked toward my right to find a living room. The house already had furniture in it. There was a light brown couch surrounding the carpet in the middle of the room. I saw a kitchen to my left with white counters. I decided to walk upstairs. I went straight and saw a master bedroom and a master bathroom. I left that room and saw my room. It had white everywhere. It was basically a tumblr room. I actually really liked it.

I decided to unpack. I brought my bags to my room and started unpacking my clothes. After unpacking my clothes, I set picture frames around my room and on my walls. I saw a picture of Jace and I laughing at my sixth birthday party. Oh crap! I forgot to call Jace.

The phone rang, for what seemed to be hours, before he finally picked up.

Jace: Hello?

Kaitlyn: Hi, um, I just finished unpacking.

Jace: Okay, do you want to hang out sometime today then?

Kaitlyn: Sure. What time?

Jace: How about 4 at the pier?

Kaitlyn: Okay, sounds good!

Jace: See you later, bye!

Kaitlyn: Bye!

I feel like I don't know Jace as well as I did before he moved. Maybe I should look him up since he's basically famous.

I typed in "Jace Norman" on my iMac. A bunch of pictures show up. Some of Jace with a girl, that's 10000x prettier that me. What if that's his girlfriend? I find out her name is "Maeve Tomalty". Hmm, that name sounds familiar....
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