Chapter 15 (part 1)

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~Taylor's birthday~

I woke to the sound of something crumbling under my face. I lifted my head to see a note, 'be ready at 10! Love Matt.' I peered over at the clock to see it was 9:26. I got out of bed and my head immediately became dizzy. I held onto the head board til it stopped; I gotta remember not to jump up so quickly. Once in the bathroom I examined myself in the mirror. I looked like death and miley cyrus had a baby. I shall be called dead cyrus.

My hair was in a very unattractive bun, which is going to be a bitch to untangle. "Fuckk," I hissed as I pulled the hair band out. I brushed out the knots before hopping in the shower. I had seventeen minutes left to get ready before meeting up with Matthew. I decided on a green tank top with jeans and sandals.

I assumed he would be in the kitchen so that's where I headed. Sure enough he was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in hand.

He got up and pulled me into a tight hug when he saw me. "Happy birthday sis!" He said."thanks, I feel old." I giggled as we pulled away. "That's cause you are finally an adult." He declared. He shuffled over to the stove and picked up a plate of chocolate chip pancakes, my absolute favorite!!

"The birthday girl's breakfast is served," Matt announced, placing the plate on the table.

I wasted no time as I sat down and devoured the pancakes. Matthew just stood there watching me like I was a zoo animal. "M I eneraing ou?" I asked with a mouthful of food. "Yes, very much so." He chuckled. After I finished my breakfast I was directed, more like dragged, to the Jeep. "So what's the plan?" I questioned, though I already knew the answer. On our birthdays dad would always take us fishing, since dad's not here Matt will take me.

He checked the rear view mirror before pulling out. "Dad is very upset he couldn't take you this year but I happily volunteered to take his place." He answered. "How thoughtful," I mused. Matthew threw me a glare while he turned on the radio.

The Sandy River, the place we always go to fish, came into view. Matthew and I got the rods and bait. "Okay um go to Randy's and get a boat." Matt said, dropping the stuff on to the ground. I did the same as he pulled out his credit card and handed it to me.

The warm pavement felt good underneath my bare feet as i walked to the bait & boat shop. I pushed the door open to be greeted by the smell of fish and old country music. Old man Randy was behind the register fixing a bent hook. "Hello!" I called, making my presence known. Randy had rusty red hair with a long gray beard and yellow teeth. Every time I see him he's wearing coveralls and covered in grease. "Ms. pretty, happy birthday!" He greeted with his crooked smile.

I gave him a big smile, "thank you."

I rested my arms on the table as I watched him bend the hook back to normal. He peered up at me from his task, "I'm guessing you're gonna need a boat, aye?"

"Yes, please."

Randy put the hook and pliers down before turning around to his ancient computer. I handed him Matt's card just as Matt came in to the shop. "Hey Randy." He greeted with a big smile. "Is it your birthday too?" Randy asked Matt. "No dad had work so I'm taking Taylor this year." Matt informed him.

"I see." He said, typing on the keyboard.

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