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Pen Your Pride

You Get Into A Fight And He Hits You

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"How could you?!" Drew yelled in my face. "It-it was an accident." Was I stuttering? I never stuttered. I had accidentally broken part of Drew's Ghandi statue and he was livid. "Why don't I just go break something of yours huh? Would you like that?" He yelled again. "I can buy you another one." I said regaining my confidence. "No, I got this in India! You can't just go buy another one!" I rolled my eyes and turned to leave but he grabbed my arm and then I heard a crack coming from my face. Drew had just punched me. The tears fell quickly and I delicately pressed my hand to my face. "I-I'm so sorry babe. I-" I didn't let him finish. I hurried to our bedroom and slammed the door shut, sliding down as I cried. I never thought Drew would hurt me.


"Have you been sleeping around behind my back!?" Keaton screamed at me. "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked. "I've been gone for months and I come back to find out that you've been with practically every guy. Wow." I was in shock. I never cheated on Keaton and wouldn't dream of doing it. "I never cheated on you and don't plan on it." I said defending myself. "You can't always believe what you hear." I sneered. His hand connected with my head and I felt a headache coming on. "Y/N-" I turned and rushed to the bathroom. How could he?


"Hey babes." Wes slurred as he came in the front door. I didn't acknowledge him. Today was our second anniversary and he had forgotten it and gone out to get completely smashed. "Oh so you're not talking to me now?" He asked sitting down next to me on the couch. I continued to ignore home "Who died and made you a royal bitch?" I snapped my head around. "You did, you asshole. You forgot our 2 year anniversary! And then to top it off, you come home shit faced!" I yelled. He rolled his eyes, "You need to chill out. It's not a big deal. Besides you're always nagging me about this and that-" I cut him off, "I don't nag you. I never see you so what's to nag about?!" "Just shut up would you? No one even listens." "Fuck you-" A sharp sting when through my face. Tears welled up in my eyes. Wesley seemed to sober up immediately. "I didn't mean-" "Save it Wes." I ran for our bedroom and saw a large handprint on my face.

A/N: there will be a part 2

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