Part Nineteen

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Oh, wow. Eight days? I suck at this. So bad.

Well, the past is behind us. I guess. Here's part nineteen for you


"Spit it out."

Not a moment after the boy had struggled to regain his footage, Walt released Nico and pushed the boy against the opposite wall of the alley, the way he had done with Nico. Yet this time it was a forceful and painful blow rather than a protective act.

As the boy exhaled with winces and groans against the dark bricks, Walt spared him no time. If Nico hadn't been so angry at the guy, he might have felt bad for him a little. In response to Walt's repetitive inquiries, the boy simply bit his lip and shook his head unsteadily.

Nico found that this method wasn't going to get them anywhere. "Stop."

Walt did not turn, but Nico could tell that his gaze was drifting slightly.

"Stop," he repeated. "If he came after us, he must have had some purpose. If he doesn't want to serve that purpose anymore, we can just leave him here. You've beaten him a little too bad for health, man"

Walt turned, looking astonished. "Health? Person's trying to kill us-"

Nico simply shrugged. "If he was going to kill us, he would have finished you off in the past two seconds." Walt didn't argue with that. Looking slightly disgruntled, he left the boy leaning weakly against the wall. Nico made his way out of the visible part of the alley before his mind forced him to stop on his tracks.

"Take me to your camp." It was the first time Nico had heard the boy utter fully formed words. He had a surprisingly husky and taut voice. It took Nico a while to process what he had said, not until after the boy had repeated and continued. "Take me to your camp, and I swear on the river Styx that I'll help you defeat Kai."


That's that for now.

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