New House

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A majority of my house was all set up thanks to the help of my cousin, Sarah and boyfriend Ethan.

But that night they had to go to New Jersey and visit Ethan's family.

That night Taylor slept in my room with me. I was reading him a story to help him sleep.

The next morning I woke before Taylor did and took a shower. When he woke up he took a bath and I  got him ready.

I had to go shopping.

"Woody!" Taylor said. "Hat!"
I quickly found his woody hat and I put taylor in his woody outfit.

I drove to walmart in town.

I was search the shelves for sponges  when a lady stopped me.

"Hey didn't you just move in over at Green Acers?" She said.

"Yes ma'am." I replied confused.

She smiled. "Well my name is Heather. I live right across the road from you."

"Oh hello,  I'm Rosalinda, Rose for short, and this is my son, Taylor."

"Well ain't he just the cutest thang. How old is he?"

"He's almost 4."

"Wow, isn't he cute. You know I have 3 sons."
I burrowed my eyebrows seeing that she was an older lady.

"Jacob,27,Brandon,25,and Noah,24." She explained. I let out a little laugh thinking she had children.

"So how old are you? got a husband?"

"I'm 23. And no, I um, I actually just got divorced about 6 months back."

"Oh I'm so sorry dear. "

"No it's fine, just your average cheating where you find him in bed with the 18yr old neighbor next door" I said sarcastically laughing to myself.

Mrs. Heather showed her sorrow, "I'm sorry hun. How bout you come over one night, and have dinner with us?"

"Sure, I'd love that." I said agreeing, I Gave her my number and got hers, when Taylor started fussing.

"I better get him something to eat, it was nice talking to you."

"And you too hun."

With that I paid for my stuff and went home. I put up the stuff and gave Taylor a bowl of cut up bananas. He sat on the couch and watched his cartoons while I cleaned the kitchen.

That night, after I put Taylor to sleep, I went and sat outside, listening to the night and watching the sky full of stars.

It was so peaceful and quite. I loved it.

I sipped on some tea when I saw headlights coming.

I also saw green eyes, the truck swerved to avoid the animal, The truck  kept going into my yard and it didn't stop.
It hit the shed in my yard. I set down my tea and stood up.

The person tried backing up, but was sinking into the mud.

"Are you okay?" I asked looking through the driver side window.

He looked at me and turned his truck off. "Yeah yeah I'm fine."  He said in a country accent.

He got out and looked at the damage to my shed.

Gladly nothing was in it.

"Look I'm really sorry, my brake, it wouldn't work." He explained. I held  my hand up to tell him to stop talking.

"Its fine. I had nothing in there, but are you sure your okay?" I asked again.

"Yeah, trust me I am, the only damage is to your shed and my truck."
He lut his hands on his hips and kicked the door of his truck.

"Fuuuck  I knew I should've got another fucking truck." He said mumbling to himself.

"look I'll fix the shed for you. I'm really sorry about it, but...this looks like an easy fix."

I agreed to it, "Noah, by the way." He said putting his hand out, "Rose." I said taking it. "So you're uh new here huh?"

"Yeah. This is my 2nd night here."
"Well then welcome." He kindly smiled, I returned one.

"I Should get back" I said pointing to my house. "Job searching in the morning."

"Oh yeah sure thing. I'm sorry about the shed again and good luck."
"Thanks." I said walking back to my house.

When I got to my steps I heard him start his truck back up, he tried and tried to get his truck out.

I laid in my bed, falling asleep to the sound of the truck trying to get out. When it stopped.

I figured that  Either he got out or gave up.

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