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Louis POV

Hello my name is Louis Tomlinson. Let me make something clear L-O-U-I-S and the S is silent. I hate when people get my name wrong. Anyways I am a UNI student and live in a flat with my best mate Zayn Malik. But I dont like the fact Zayn is always out. So let me tell you how my story began when Zayn brought his boyfriend to meet me one night for dinner.......

*The day before the meet*

I was at UNI and it was last class before we are dissmissed. So here I am all bored and having the girl behind me drooling on my back. What a life right? About 15 minuntes later the bell rang and I was out of there as fast as light. I ran to the car park and got into my car, I was eager to get home before Zayn leaves again. When I got into the driveway I jumped out of the car and ran to the door. I know Zayn's home by his car sitting in the lot. I opened the door and he was about to grap his keys and head out. Good just in time!

"Zayn! Are you leaving again tonight?" I asked with a pouty face trying to catch my breath from getting here so fast.

"Yeah mate sorry, but before I go I need to remind you about the dinner tomorrow."

Dinner? I don't even know what he's talking about....

"Um Zayn, sorry but what dinner?" I asked with a confused face.

"Louis you dont remember do you?" Zayn frowned crossing his arms giving me a look.

"Sorry, Is it with your parents again?" I wondered looking at Zayns expression to see if I could be right.

"No Lou, its with my boyfriend, his name is Harry and I have been dating him for like 2 months now and I really want you to meet him!" Zayn whined giving me a pout putting his phone in his pocket.

"Wait so thats who you are always with and not me?" I asked with my mouth open. Bro's before hoe's, but with a guy. I thought he loved me! After all I've done for him and he repays me by always leaving and barely ever saying hi once in awhile. Okay so maybe I might of scratched his car at one point and another but still, we're best friends! It happens all the time to everyone! Right?

But then maybe that's why he never lets me drive it anyone, huh..

"I'm not always with him.." He trailed off with a blush scratching the back of his neck looking in the mirror he was in front of fixing his hair that was perfect to began with.

I just laughed at him, then he glared at me. Guess it wasn't as funny to him then it was to me. Oh well.

"Ok well I have to get going and you know, go and see him." He smiled at me giving me a pat on the back grabbing his shoes and a jacket.

"Oh, use protection!" I yelled, as he flicked me off and headed out the door.

I spent the whole day, just sitting down and eating junk food till I couldn't eat anymore. It was around nine at night when I heard the door open and Zayn walked in looking as happy as ever whlie I looked like shit on the bottom of your shoe. Zayn jumped on the couch and just hugged me and said how much he loved life. I guess he's love struck or something but he is creeping me out. He rarely ever acts like this.

"Umm, Zayn you know you can let go of me right?" I asked with raised eyebrows and tried to move out of his grip.

"Oh, I'm sorry man. I'm just so happy!" He had the biggest smile on his face. Shit, this Harry guy changed him.

"Looks like you had a good time with lover boy." I wiggled my eyebrows he smiled widely.

"Oh yes I did!" He yelled in my ear, I swear I might go deaf. I looked at him strangely but I don't think he noticed.

"Zayn ok, no need to yell in my ear, please." I rolled my eyes at him. Him all happy's great and all but, he's not been with me for awhile, you know?

"Oh, sorry mate," He said smiling at me more. What did this Harry guy do to my Zayn?

"Its cool, anyways so he's coming over for dinner tomorrow, right?" I asked a little hopeful to spend time with Zayn again if I get along with this Harry kid.

"Yeah I can't wait for you to meet him, I mean he's hot and I mean H-O-T and funny, smart, loving, great kisser and don't get me started on his eyes I mean-" I cut him off before he could keep going.

"Ok Zayn I don't need details, and anyways I'm going to bed. See you in the morning, alright?"

"Alright Lou, see you tomorrow." I nodded. Geez Zayn is like a hole other person. I don't know if that's good or bad right now. I hope it's good though.

And with that I went to bed and had a dream about meeting my best friend's boyfriend.


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