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OKAY: First, I will give my speech- and you will listen! >.> ahaha so here it is:

Hello all, so! This is it, the long awaited award ceremony to see who's oneshot I enjoyed most! However, I can honestly say that I had a very very very hard time choosing the winner, the reason being that you all had something special to your writings and I enjoyed every story- maybe not equally but definitely on different scales, so here is what I had to do:

I made a rubric, then scaled you all out on aspects I was looking for-then I chose from the highest contenders-but more on that later, ITS TIME FOR SOME AWARDS!

To AlwaysMee66, who wrote: Rumour Has It, I awarded 72 points. You obtained the: Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover Award!

       -I loved the fact that you developed Nikolai more, originally you made him out to be a douche bag- but he developed into a sweet heart who only wanted to make your character happy- even though he had eyes for Lavender -.-.

To learmo, who wrote OneShot-Yule Ball, I awarded 75 points. You obtained the: He-Said, She-Said Award!

     -I  love the fact that you had her interacting with Elle and the other characters, you are actually the ONLY person who wrote a legitimate conversation between your character and Elle- which was amusing :))

To 3daysromance, who wrote Shattered, I awarded 82 points. You obtained the: Not Everything's A Fairy Tale Award! 

      -What can I say? Your story was definitely one of the top scoring stories! You have a great plot and I love, love, love the fact that it had a bad ending, with everyone else's entry having happy endings, it was refreshing to get one that had some wrong happen- reality is good.

To EricaFranklin, who wrote The Blue Haired Girl, I awarded 71 points. You obtained the: Little Moments Award!

     -I have to admit, your story was adorable and slightly frightening- but what matters is that you had a good ending, the little moments with George that show her life is getting better- good job!

To dictionaria13, who wrote A Convocation of Eagles, I awarded 83 points. You obtained the ...Damn! Award!

    -That means I can't express what I feel, your story was really really amazing and you were one of the top oneshots- it not the top! Great job:)) (I gave you extra credit for your character development, pure awesomeness.)

To Purpleatflower, who wrote Hermione's Twin: Yule Ball Scene, I awarded 78 points. You obtained the Love In The Sand Award!

    -So, your story was sweet- and the thing that I loved was how the characters laid in the night on the sand (as you can probably see by the award name) I was all: awwee, you showed a soft side of Lee that many people don't see! Great job!

To BestHogwartsPranker, who wrote Love Is War, I awarded 68 points. You obtained the Love Your Enemies Award!

    -So, you had One Direction xD, it was definitely surprising! you had a good plot line and I liked how they had a fairy tale ending, very happy- lots of drama!

To TheFaceofBoe, who wrote Yule Ball Competition, I awarded 79 points. You obtained the  Neville, Neville, Neville... Award!

    -Oh my, what can I say? It was cute and realistic and pretty funny when Mad-Eye appeared and threatened Malfoy, I must admit! Good job-seriously! OH and I can't help but congratulate you- you used Hannah Abbott a REAL Hogwarts character x) Clever, clever!

Last, but not least! 

To isha0803, who wrote Blake's Pov: (she didn't title it, but whatever), I awarded 63 points. You obtained the Hello, I'm Blake & I'm Crazy Award!

    - So! Yours was put in the story somewhat, and true to character- but that's not surprising because you made her up xD- you were the ONLY one who used one of my own characters, so that's a first!

So there you have it! If I forgot your story PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me! I must have misplaced it or some thing, and I will give you the award and post it on here as well!

Okay, So you all are probably like: Okay, Fine, but who won?? So, with out further a-due.... the Winner was selected by harsh and brutal grading and heart break on my part- it was really really hard you guys have no idea- so I have decided that 

: Shattered by 3daysromance is the winner

Congratulations3daysromance! You are great and message me so I can read which ever story you'd like and give my honest to Godric opinion on it!

To all of you who competed but didn't win, I'm truly sorry, but I can swear on the bible and the 6th Harry Potter book, that I honestly loved each and every one of your stories, and I will continue to keep them up on my wall as a nod to all of you!

xoxo Jess <3

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