indigo love (1)

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hey guys this is my first go at writing a story plz i need comments i wanna know if its any good thankyou sooo much <3rosekowa


I brushed the damp sand from my body as I walked up the shore of the nearly abandoned beach ,it was getting late I guessed around 5:00 in the afternoon ,the air was humid ,although the sun was nearly gone

,i paused at the gate of my beach house to watch the sun set ,clouds of pink purple and grey filled the sky spiralling around the sun as it made its descent into the valleys

,i turned around placing my hand on the low white gate to my beach house

,it was a beachy white normally but tonight it was a dull pink colour reflecting the muffled rays of the setting sun

,it had two large double story windows on either side of the wide front door ,the windows were lightly tinted on the outside, I moved closer to the front door running my fingers over the marble and diamanté engraved symbol that was placed in the very centre of the double doors,it was a yellow haired mermaid with a purple tail opposite her was a siren with deep red hair and a harsh black tail, below the two was water ,on the sirens side it was murky and black and on the mermaids side it was clear and blue, their hands were touching above their heads and they were facing each other in an aggressive stance

,my mother had told me many stories about mermaids and sirens and various other mythical creatures and the battles and friendships they faced .

she would always say with a reassuring smile

'one day everything will make sense perri ,not today or tomorrow but soon ,every one is different you are just yet to gain your fins'

I never understood what she meant whether she was trying to tell me that I haven't found my purpose in life or something utterly different .

Thinking about my parents ,reminded me of their passing just 3 months ago I forced a lump from my throat and refocussed myself on opening the door ,i turned around directing one last glance towards the sunset ,I sighed and was about to continue walking towards the stairs when ,out of the corner of my eye I spotted a flash of red almost like a flame and a long flick of black disturb the calm water around 25 metres from the shore ,i stared again waiting to see it again ,i let out a long breath and curled it into a scoff at the end, as I stepped back I saw it again that same flick of black and red this time it held for longer and I was sure I saw it ,i gasped as I forcefully swung the door shut deadlocking it as I ran up the marble stairs and into my bedroom ,i paused once I reached the window ,it spread across the whole wall and below it was a window seat with a soft white cover and various shapes and coulours of cushions spread across it I sat down on the edge of the seat pulling a pillow onto my lap and hugging it to my chest ,i scanned the water half expecting to or at least thats what I think it was , I jumped back in shock as a sudden movement near the front of my gate caught my attention ,i breathed heavily trying to relax as I lowered myself back into the window seat wide eyed as I saw four boys around 16 age sprawling themselves onto the beach they looked exhausted as they laughed and seemed to be having fun ,i looked slightly right where they had left their bikes in a hurry to get to the sand ,then my attention snapped back to them as I saw one staring up at me a surprised look on his face ,he was still panting I could tell from the fast and heavy rise and fall of his chest ,he was different compared to the other boys near him he had dark brown hair on the verge of black in a short wispy style while others had light coloured hair ranging from blonde to mousey brown colour that looked messy but surfey ,all four boys had the same build ,muscular football player stereotype you know ,and oh my god were they hot I looked back to the dark haired boy he had since moved onto his belly ,laying on the sand but he was still staring at me except this time he smiled and flicked his wrist in a sort of are-you-conscious wave I blushed realising I had been staring dreamily at them the whole time I stood up looking at the boy smiling before I turned around and half skipped ,half ran to my bathroom ,i slipped through the tinted glass door and towards the spa bath I turned the taps on and experimented with temperature walking over to the white porcelain sink when I thaught I got the right amount of hot and cold ,i rested my hands on the ledge of the basin and looked up into the mirror,i was still wearing my blue and red striped bikinis ,with a loose fitting converse shirt over the top,i pulled them off wrapping a dry towel around myself ,i was about average height ,with mildly wavy dirty blonde hair that fell just above my mid back ,i pulled it forward and ran my fingers through it starting at my side fringe ,i watched as dried sand fell from my head as I undid the knots left behind from my day at the beach ,sighing I moved to my dried skin it was burned a light red ,which was annoying ,i hated that I could never tan I just burned ,i stared into my eyes they were a defined hazel ,