Chapter 24: Rescuing Benji

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The first cannon ball shattered the main mast. The second went through the room underneath the poop deck (Hailie couldn't remember what it was called and she didn't really care). The third went through the mast at the front, and the fourth shattered the mast in the back. Roberto's aim had been perfect.

There were more men on the main deck now, some she could see were holding their hands over injuries from the flying wood. They seemed to not have seen them coming. The Sea Fog had closed in on them like a sea fog. She felt like praising the person who came up with the name.

She saw the cannons at the side of the ship move. They were aiming.

"They can't hit us," Eli said. He didn't even sound a little concerned so she turned her attention back to the deck. The men had guns and she could hear shots being fired, but no one came close to them. This reminded her of something her father had told her, one of his many mermaid stories.

"Eli, are you doing something? Is that why they keep missing and why they didn't see us?"

"Not the time, Hailie. We'll talk later."

So he was doing something. Just one more thing to add to her growing list of things she needed him to explain.

They were getting closer now. The shouts were getting louder. Hailie bent her knees getting ready to jump across. She could see Captain Carabis standing to the front of the ship. She wanted him dead but she needed to find Benji first. From what she have herad, there was a line of people wanting that man dead.

"Not yet, Hailie," Eli said.

She knew that. They weren't close enough. She jumped onto the wooden rail and crouched down a little. Even with the rocking of the ship she would not fall.

"Not yet."

They went closer to the ship, but it was still too far. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see the others getting ready. She turned her eyes back to the ship. She saw a torn and bloody shirt lying on the deck. Benji's shirt. The one he had been wearing when they took him. She clenched her teeth. Too late. He might already be dead. No. He wasn't. Not until she saw his body. He might still be in the brig. She must find him fast. Find him, and then kill every single one of these men.

The ship made a sharp turn. It looked as if they were about to crash head first into the Golden Dagger, but it turned just inches away. She landed on the deck before Eli could say anything.

Wild. That was what they were. As soon as she landed, a cutlass came at her legs. She jumped, slashing her sword across his chest. Another was right behind him, swinging an axe. She jumped back. Hailie had the powders ready in hand. She threw one of the powder balls right into his eyes. He screamed out in pain. He was swinging blindly and buried the axe head into one of his crew mates.

Another man was right on his tail, a cutlass in one hand and a wooden spike in the other. Another powder ball went flying. It missed his face and hit his neck, right above the collar of his shirt. He dropped his weapons and clawed at his neck, his cries drowning in the fight.

Hailie checked her cigarette. Half gone. She looked around for the door. A trap door was open and she could see stairs but it was on the other side of the ship. She began making her way towards it dropping a few of the other powder balls on the ground.

She could see the others, the sun had set but it was still bright enough. Celeste and Shen were fighting back to back. Indira didn't even look as if she was breaking a sweat, cutting them down almost as if she knew every move they were going to make before they made them. Gordon was going through them with the skill of someone who uses a knife every day. Kendra almost looked like she was having fun. Roberto was back on the ship. She didn't know how he was doing. The Captain was locked in a fight with Carabis.

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